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Verity or Annabelle

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Elis1905 Thu 29-Oct-15 15:41:31

DD2 due next month, a sister for Felicity and we can't decide on a name. We love both Verity and Annabelle. Is Annabelle a bit boring and sensible and too common?

But is Verity too unusual? (361st on the popularity list!) and would it sound weird, Felicity and Verity? Or do they go well together?

I would have Annie as a NN for Annabelle (don't actually like Anna or Belle on their own!) but with Verity, what could it be shortened to? (I always seem to shorten everything!)


TillyTolly Thu 29-Oct-15 15:48:27

Verity! I'm all annabelled out. Verity's not especially unusual - I'd imagine everyone will get it first time - and the spelling is phonetic. Very/V as nns?

manicinsomniac Thu 29-Oct-15 15:49:54

Both really lovely names. I think I prefer Verity as it's more unusual and I love the (relatively) subtle matching with Felicity.

Allalonenow Thu 29-Oct-15 15:54:40


There are enough Annabelles Belles Bellas already.

Vita for a NN.

StDogolphin Thu 29-Oct-15 17:51:28

Verity! YY to Vita as a nickname! May I suggest Frances as a middle name?

PetersonPeterson Thu 29-Oct-15 17:56:41

Verity. Two gorgeous names.

celtictoast Thu 29-Oct-15 19:31:31

Annabelle is a lovely name. Not keen on Verity.

zippyswife Thu 29-Oct-15 21:07:44

Verity is on my list for dc3. I don't much like annabelle. Much prefer anna.

Junosmum Fri 30-Oct-15 00:17:29

Verity. But I'm biased as I know a lovely one

turdfairynomore Fri 30-Oct-15 00:21:16

Verify! It's gorgeous! And is especially lovely with Felicity!! Do it! Please!!!

reuset Fri 30-Oct-15 00:24:09

Verity sounds a bit like Ferrity, but I think I prefer it to Annabelle, though Annabelle is fine. Annabel spelling I like more

Verity not too unusual at all.

Verify is good name, Turdfairy grin

RiaOverTheRainbow Fri 30-Oct-15 00:40:30

Verity's nice. I know one who goes by V, Vera is another option.

The only drawback would be both names ending in 'ity'.

reuset Fri 30-Oct-15 01:15:52

Felicity and Verity? Oh no, too similar, and twee with their happiness and truth meanings.

Wtfmummy Fri 30-Oct-15 01:18:16

Verity is lovely!

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Fri 30-Oct-15 01:44:51

I have a felicity and an Annabel ??. I love verity but I think two 'virtue' names is overkill.

DeepBlueLake Fri 30-Oct-15 07:31:06


MadGhostlyGnome Fri 30-Oct-15 07:33:53

Annabelle sounds a bit 90s to me but still quite cute.

Verity is awesome! I like it with Felicity too. Nn Vita... tempted to put it on my list too.

NadiaWadia Fri 30-Oct-15 08:13:55

I prefer Annabel, but spelt like that. The 'belle' ending is too frilly, IMO.

AlexandraOrlov Fri 30-Oct-15 09:49:37

The two Veritys I know were 'Vez' through school.

Pandora97 Fri 30-Oct-15 12:33:50

I love Felicity and Verity separately but not together. Too matchy and similar sounding. I think Felicity and Annabelle sound really nice together as sisters but I prefer the Annabel spelling.

ElleGrace Fri 30-Oct-15 13:16:04

I second spelling Annabel like so, bit more modern IMO.
Felicity and Annabel are beautiful names, and go perfectly together. Not keen on Verity, but that could be because I know two Verity's and don't like either! Felicity and Verity seem too similar.

MrsCaecilius Fri 30-Oct-15 13:19:42

I think Felicity and Annabel go well together (prefer that spelling to Annabelle - a bit fancy for me) but do recognise that there are a lot of little Annabels these days.

Verity I really like too - but think it is a bit too samey with Felicity.

IoraRua Sat 31-Oct-15 19:17:35

Verity. Never met a kid one, met a few Annabelles.
Annabelle is a bit too fluffy girly imo, especially with Felicity. The two virtues thing wouldn't bother me too much.

Georgethesecond Sat 31-Oct-15 19:19:42

Annabel not Annabelle, definitely. I prefer Verity to Annabel, but it probably is overkill with felicity, yes.

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 01-Nov-15 01:46:41

Verity is lovely but I wouldn't choose it if I had a Felicity already.

It would be like a more middle class version of Hope and Faith.

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