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Baby names for a girl

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HaleyLondon Wed 28-Oct-15 14:14:45

What are people's opinions on Henrietta,Alithia,Hilda,Tamsin and Jamera???
Currently struggling to make a decisive choice after the surprise of it being a girl and so not a Magnus or Aubrey as I had planned.

BinToHellAndBack Wed 28-Oct-15 14:23:43

I like Henrietta the best and Jamera the least. The others are all nice.

Is Alithia pronounced like Alethea? I loved the name Alethea until a baby name website described it as "Alicia with a lisp". Couldn't hear it any other way after that.

HaleyLondon Wed 28-Oct-15 14:28:33

Its phonetic pronunciation is Al-Lith-e-er...Jamera is a compound of two friends names but is less unusual.Thanks for any views

Gracey79 Wed 28-Oct-15 14:38:41

Like henrietta best from the list, can't Aubrey/Aubree be for a girl?

zombiemeow Wed 28-Oct-15 14:42:07

Tamsin is nice.

I thought Aubry was a girls name confused I had a friend with a daughter called Aubry.

HaleyLondon Wed 28-Oct-15 14:45:52

Similar sounding Audrey was traditionally a girls name although Aubrey means "Elf Power" and was more popular for boys so in more feminist times why not for a girl smile

MrsCaecilius Thu 29-Oct-15 13:36:21

I like Henrietta and Alethea (but not your spelling OP). Not keen on the others.

LeaveMyWingsBehindMe Thu 29-Oct-15 13:46:54

Jamera sounds made up and also sounds like it could/should be an Arabic/Islamic name, which might be odd if you have no connection to that culture. It reminds me of Jumeira Beach in Dubai.

Alithia also seems made up and sounds like Alicia said with a lisp, which could get tricky if you have to keep correcting people.

Henrietta's okay, don't love it, don't hate it.

Hilda is one old lady step too far for me, sorry. It's up there with Gertrude, Ada, Enid and Edna. Yuk.

If you like old lady chic I think Edith, Sybille, Dorothy, Daphne, Iris, Violet, Mary, Clementine and Evangeline are much nicer.

Tamsin is lovely. or Tabitha? Thea?

MitzyLeFrouf Thu 29-Oct-15 14:38:49

Tamsin is lovely.

The rest....not so much.

BertrandRussell Thu 29-Oct-15 14:44:04

What about Harriet?

elor11 Thu 29-Oct-15 15:39:53

Henrietta and Tamsin would be good. Not keen on the others.

manicinsomniac Thu 29-Oct-15 15:48:24

Aubrey is one of my favourite girls' names. Not keen on it for a boy at all. I'd definitely still use it.

I quite like all your others except Hilda which I really strongly dislike. Alithia does sound rather like Alicia with a lisp but it is pretty.

BertrandRussell Thu 29-Oct-15 16:06:58

But Aubrey isn't a girl's name!

manicinsomniac Thu 29-Oct-15 16:19:32

Of course it's a girls' name.

In 2014 Aubrey ranked 866th for boys with 34 boys being named it and 652nd for girls with 61 being named it.

In the US Aubrey has not been in the top 1000 for boys since 2002, when it ranked 929th. In 2014 it ranked 20th for girls with 7589 girls being named it and it has been comfortably in the top 100 for the last 8 years.

I googled famous Aubreys and the first list I came across consisted of 10 females between 3 and 37 and 2 males aged 38 and 89.

Wikipedia says 'Aubrey is an English given name. It is most commonly a female name, although historically its use has been masculine.'

It makes as much sense to say that Aubrey isn't a girls' name as it does to say Hilary or Tracy aren't girls' names.

Ladypug Thu 29-Oct-15 19:12:57

I know what Bertrand means though, Aubrey is a long standing male name. We like a similar old school male name that has morphed into a girls name and it's doing my head in that ppl think it's a girls name. There are already hundreds of stunning girls names and now they are taking over the classic male names! I know two male Aubrey's and to me it will always be a boys name

LynetteScavo Thu 29-Oct-15 19:17:44

Henrietta is by far the best on your list.

You could shorten it to

eatmytoes888 Thu 29-Oct-15 19:32:46

Henrietta is really pretty.

DramaAlpaca Thu 29-Oct-15 21:07:32

I like Tamsin from your list. Henrietta is OK.

The rest I'm not so keen on, especially Hilda, which is just too grannyish.

Alithia sounds like how a Spanish person would pronounce Alicia.

Only1scoop Thu 29-Oct-15 21:12:03

Like Alethea not the other spelling.

Also like Henrietta

Don't like others

PentagramChants Thu 29-Oct-15 21:16:01


ktmummy1 Thu 29-Oct-15 21:24:16


Sgoinneal Thu 29-Oct-15 21:25:37

Tamsin is nice, definitely would go for that

winkywinkola Thu 29-Oct-15 21:53:34

Aubrey is a boy's name.

I like Henrietta. That's all.

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