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Lowenna or Lamorna?

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Frankiefarr Sun 25-Oct-15 13:32:43

Hi we are finding it hard to choose between first names at the moment and I'm feeling stuck.

We have Cornish connections so I was thinking Lowenna or Elowen though for some reason I can't get Lamorna out of my head!

My partner's preference is Xanthe

Would love to know what other people think. Xx

lozengeoflove Sun 25-Oct-15 13:37:33

Lamorna immediately makes me think of Michael Frayn's 'Spies' - lustful associations with growing up and rites if passage. I love it smile

lozengeoflove Sun 25-Oct-15 13:38:29

Ps I really like all of your suggestions. What goes best with surname?

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 25-Oct-15 13:39:21

I'm quite spiritual so I think personally the reason you feel drawn Lamorna is that your baby has chosen it for herself and that's her way of telling you.
It's amazing how many children do that. Actually come with their names.

CakeRattleandRoll Sun 25-Oct-15 14:43:54

I have Cornish connections too and loved Elowen for DD, but didn't want her to become another Ellie in the current sea of Ellies.

Lamorna has a lovely sound to it (and is a beautiful place), but automatically makes me think of the artist Lamorna Birch, who of course was a man. Although very few of your daughter's generation would make that connection.

My favourite Cornish girl's names are Morwenna and Kerensa.

Frankiefarr Sun 25-Oct-15 15:01:36

Should have said our surname is Farrell

I love the idea that she is choosing the name for herself smile

I did wonder whether people would automatically think of holiday cottages etc if we went with Lamorna.

I think may be I like it because it makes me think of wild places and adventure and I would love her to be like that.

I'm just concerned I suppose because I was bullied quite badly at school for having an unusual middle name and wouldn't want that to happen. Also I would hate people to shorten it to Mo.

I love Morwenna too but OH wasn't keen. I'm not sure how well Elowen works with Farrell. OH says it reminds him of Owen Farrell the rugby player lol

TheEagle Sun 25-Oct-15 15:23:29

Morwenna makes me think of Mummy Pig from Peppa (sorry)

I like Xanthe

MamaLazarou Sun 25-Oct-15 17:46:28

Iliveinalighthouse - my DS did that! We felt like the name chose us rather than the other way round. grin

honeysucklejasmine Sun 25-Oct-15 17:48:09

I knew a Lowena growing up. Lovely name. She did get a few people call her "Lou-eee-na" now and then.

Frankiefarr Sun 25-Oct-15 18:57:55

Yes I thought if I went for Lowenna I would spell it with the double nn as I've seen sites saying it's pronounced Lou-eee-na

Georgethesecond Sun 25-Oct-15 19:05:17

Yes, because of Rowena.
Lamorna sounds like an Aldi brand name to me - either breakfast cereal or sanitary towels. Sorry blush

elQuintoConyo Sun 25-Oct-15 19:08:55

Makes me think of Lamorna Penrose, incredible Cornish surfboard artist. Beautiful name. I don't recollect shortening it at school.

timelytess Sun 25-Oct-15 19:10:07


timelytess Sun 25-Oct-15 19:10:28


TurboTheChicken Sun 25-Oct-15 19:10:32

Are you aware of the song?


I think it's a beautiful name!

ingenvillvetavardukoptdintroja Sun 25-Oct-15 19:15:13


Frankiefarr Sun 25-Oct-15 19:52:45

That might persuade OH as he is a folk singer!

Probably won't tell him about the sanitary towels reference lol blush

ThursdayLastWeek Mon 26-Oct-15 07:43:19

I clicked on this wondering if you were Cornish! (I am)

I prefer Lowenna to Lamorna, suspect that Elowyn is becoming much more popular. Like Jowan for boys.

I personally like Veryan for a girl.

yeOldeTrout Mon 26-Oct-15 07:49:06

I dislike all previous, sorry.
Kerra, Tamar, Nessa, Pasca, Rosen, Tamsyn, Tegan, Senara: those are nice.

ThatsNotMyHouseItIsTooClean Mon 26-Oct-15 07:51:51

I prefer Lamorna.
Having been at school with a Lamorna, a Veryan, a couple of Morwennas, a couple of Demelzas & a couple of Kerenzas, I don't remember any of their names being shortened.
There is obviously a Demelza in Poldark & a Morwenna (think she is in later books) so beware of the whole jumping on the Poldark bandwagon if your thinking shifted onto those.
Morwenna was one if my favourite names for DD but DH looked at me as though I had gone mad!

MrsCaecilius Mon 26-Oct-15 11:48:02

Lamorna is a wonderful name. I'm also partial to Loveday (although my OH wouldn't tolerate it) and Delmeza. If you have Cornish connections then go for it! Lovely.

TillyTolly Mon 26-Oct-15 13:20:29

Love Lamorna! It's on my short list for a girl but OH concerned that it's reminiscent of Latoya/Latasha type names for the uninitiated... I've heard of a few Elowen's recently so would probably err towards Lowenna as a second choice on your list.

Frankiefarr Mon 26-Oct-15 17:37:24

Thanks everyone for your comments much appreciated. We did think about the La prefix too. Was steering clear of Demelza because of the Poldark thing. I find Elowen sort of looks prettier than it sounds.

I love Senara but I know what it's like to go through life with a name nobody knows how to pronounce.

I've seen Verran too but think that sounds a bit masculine. I think OH tending towards Lowenna while I'm still undecided and I keep saying Lamorna when I mean Lowenna which is weird

celtictoast Wed 28-Oct-15 16:14:36

Lowenna. I don't like the "mourn" sound in Lamorna.

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