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Please be honest! :)

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Zamaz Fri 23-Oct-15 22:03:16

Please help my husband and I - we are so undecided! The baby is due in 5 weeks and we're still no nearer! All go with our surname and the initials wouldn't spell anything ridiculous! Do you like / dislike any of the following?:



RueDesTroisFreres Fri 23-Oct-15 22:10:30

Hazel - lovely
Amber - lovely
Robyn - not for me
Holly - lovely
Rosa - lovely
Rowan - my favourite on this list

Rex - not for me
Leo - nice but 10 a penny
Max - favourite but I'm biased for family reasons smile
Rory - ok
Ralph - growing up reading 'Forever' by Judy Bloom this will always be connected to that for me...

LettuceLaughton Fri 23-Oct-15 22:14:44

So, you both like all of those names but don't love any of them, is that right?

I'm not keen on the Robyn spelling but Robin is fine.
Would you not consider Rowan for a boy as well as for a girl?

y0rkier0se Fri 23-Oct-15 22:16:11

I love the name Rosa

Sophronia Fri 23-Oct-15 22:17:49

I like Rosa, Rowan, Leo and Max

JellyMouldJnr Fri 23-Oct-15 22:20:48

Robyn, Rowan & Rory are my faves

BelindaBagwash Fri 23-Oct-15 22:32:57

Hazel - really nice and uncommon
Amber - quite common
Robyn - not keen
Holly - too common
Rosa - ok
Rowan - quite nice

Rex - dogs name
Leo - nice
Max - getting quite common
Rory - really nice
Ralph - ok if pronounced Ralph but not Rafe

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Fri 23-Oct-15 22:34:43

Only like Hazel, Robyn and Rosa from your girls list
And Rory from your boy list. I used to like Max but its like the Lily Mae equivalent. I'm tripping over them.

MrsBungle Fri 23-Oct-15 22:35:18

I really like holly, rosa and Rowan.

I quite like all of your boys names except Rex.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 23-Oct-15 22:39:34

Love Robyn and Rosa



Most are fine. Although I'm not keen on Rowan or Ralph.

CakeRattleandRoll Sat 24-Oct-15 00:35:19

Favourites are:
Rosa (prefer Rosanna)

The rest are OK - I don't dislike any of them.

dotdotdotmustdash Sat 24-Oct-15 01:16:17


Nice set of choices! The nicest set I've seen on this site.

WanderingTrolley1 Sat 24-Oct-15 01:36:43

Amber, Holly, Leo, Max.

cornishglos Sat 24-Oct-15 06:43:41

Hazel - nice, unusual, earthy
Amber - nice, fairly uncommon, pretty, nature themed
Robyn - dislike (teeny bird, not nice sound)
Holly - boring to me
Rosa - very pretty
Rowan - dislike the sound again

Rex - dislike, too 'trendy', not classic enough
Leo - cool name, prefer Leon
Max - personally I always think Max means the superlative (biggest/ best) and seems too much to live up to!
Rory - hard to say
Ralph - too posh

I like Hazel, Amber, Rosa and Leo

Duckdeamon Sat 24-Oct-15 06:45:31

Don't like Amber or Rex

BugPlaster Sat 24-Oct-15 06:58:23

I like Hazel and Rosa.
Max and Leo would be best of the boys but lots of them around.

ashesandfire Sat 24-Oct-15 08:28:35

Love Hazel. So pretty and uncommon.
Rosa is nice but I prefer Rose, Rosalind or Rosanna.
Of your boys names I like Rory. How about Rowan or Robin for a boy? I like both as girls names but even more as boys names.

Lweji Sat 24-Oct-15 08:31:31

I wouldn't go for Rowan, as I'd think of a boy, or Rex, as it sounds like a dog or like Princess (Rex means king, or similar).

Janey215 Sat 24-Oct-15 13:46:09

Rex - dog name
Ralph - is always the slightly (or worse )inappropriately behaved odd ball in books and films!
Rowan is better for a boy.
Amber is gorgeous as is Holly.
Like Leo and max
I think it's more important to have a nice name than worry about how common it is!
It never did any Sharon, Tracey, Clare, Sarah or Emma that I know any harm having a popular name !! ??

TempsPerdu Sat 24-Oct-15 13:55:14

Absolutely love Rowan and Rosa - they'd be my joint favourites. Quite like Hazel and Robyn - love the sound and 'idea' of Hazel as a nature/colour name, but I know a fair few middle-aged Hazels which dates it a bit for me. Not a big fan of Amber or Holly - both have pretty sounds but feel a bit insipid to me.

Rory would definitely be my pick from your boys' list, with Leo a fairly distant second. Really don't like Ralph. Do like Robin for a boy though (with nn either Rob or Red)!

IsadoraQuagmire Sat 24-Oct-15 15:02:51

Love Rosa (it's one of my middle names) and Hazel is gorgeous!

yeOldeTrout Sat 24-Oct-15 15:15:40

Hazel, Max

Amber, Robyn, Holly, Rowan, Rex, Leo, Rory

Rosa, so wet!

Fairylea Sat 24-Oct-15 15:20:36

All of them are okay except Rex and Rory .... Sorry but I think those are awful!

HackerFucker22 Sat 24-Oct-15 17:20:46

Amber and Max are my faves on your list.

VocationalGoat Sat 24-Oct-15 17:22:22

Love them all but less keen on Robyn.
I really love Rex.

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