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Cloudydaysaregreat Fri 23-Oct-15 07:26:01

DD2 on the way ??. If I am honest, I felt pushed into choosing my DD's name by DH (it was v important to him as it was his mother's name) and although I like it, it would not have been my choice. I do and always have loved Cosette. I know it's from Les Mis and that it isn't even a real name but I just love it. My DD's name had a french vibe so it would go. But is it totally ridiculous??? Xx

Cloudydaysaregreat Fri 23-Oct-15 07:26:33

Duh ?? Was meant to be a smiley face!

c4kedout Fri 23-Oct-15 07:40:32

unless you have a French connection it sounds a bit pretentious. I wouldn't.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Fri 23-Oct-15 07:47:00

I have seen far worse. Especially on here.

Dh named your first, I don't see why you can't name this one.

At least she won't be one of 7 cosettes in her class.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 23-Oct-15 07:49:02

I hate the character Cosette so I'd say no, love Eponine though, I named my cat after her.

WheresPoIIy Fri 23-Oct-15 07:50:26

I've known 2 girls called cossette in my time, both NN ettie.

I think it's beautiful and would consider using it on one of mine!

donajimena Fri 23-Oct-15 07:51:05

I've never seen le mis blush my first thought was.. it sounds like a panty liner.

YouBastardSockBalls Fri 23-Oct-15 07:52:46

'Oh Gooood for shame, for I do not even know your name, dear mademoiselle, won't you speak? Will you tell.....?'


Sorry. I wouldn't.

Llouh Fri 23-Oct-15 07:52:50

Was going to say the exact same thing as dona... Never seen les mis but sounds like a pad

Wishful80smontage Fri 23-Oct-15 07:54:09

I instantly think les mis but that's not a bad thing if you like it go for it or can I suggest Camille which my favourite french name and I've never met one in UK?! Its lovely dont know why more people don't use it.

CookieDoughKid Fri 23-Oct-15 07:56:57

I think it's lovely and very, very classy. There is a French school Mum and she is uber elegant. So what if no connection? You love the name that's a big connection if any.

ThreeRuddyTubs Fri 23-Oct-15 08:04:25

Cosette is pretty much the worst character in les mis though especially the film. I wouldn't do it.

Tuiles Fri 23-Oct-15 08:20:50

How about Colette instead, same vibe but bit less unusual?

SoozeyHoozey Fri 23-Oct-15 08:24:33

I love it op, I may steal it for myself for dd!

SinglePringle Fri 23-Oct-15 08:25:12

Hmmm. Made me think of a buggy liner. You know like 'keep your baby warm in a cosette'.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Fri 23-Oct-15 08:25:29

People who know Les Mis would roll their eyes. People who don't will think sanitary towel or that you've named her after the pram she's in.

I don't think even people with a French connection would like it.

mrsschu Fri 23-Oct-15 08:27:37

I absolutely adore Les Mis, I'm a massive geek when it comes to it. Not sure about calling your DD Cosette though, especially if it's not a real name (it's probably a bit unlikely but if she ever lives in France would it sound ridiculous?). Although I'm going to contradict myself now by saying that people seem to make up names every day of the week (Jayden, Montana, the list could go on...) so this isn't any different. I guess the real reason I wouldn't use it is that people will assume you named her after the character in Les Mis. And the adult Cosette is a bit of a drip to be honest. It does also sound a tad pretentious.

unlimiteddilutingjuice Fri 23-Oct-15 08:31:30

I think it sounds great. I would go for it

FartemisOwl Fri 23-Oct-15 08:37:35

If you like it, go with it. There will always be people who love or hate any name, but you don't need to please anyone else apart from you and your family.

Only1scoop Fri 23-Oct-15 08:42:51

Not keen ....sounds like those cheap buggies without the 'o'

Bloomsberry Fri 23-Oct-15 08:56:33

The Les Mis character link wouldn't bother me, but it does suggest a brand of sanitary towels or a buggy. Or a minor character in a comic opera, the soprano's slutty sidekick.

JakeyBurd Fri 23-Oct-15 09:04:32

I wouldn't worry about the 'made up' element, as many popular names started off as 'made up' such as Fiona, Miranda etc. I also wouldn't worry about not having a French connection as it doesn't stop people using names like Louise, Elodie, Michelle etc.

I just worry that it sounds like a product, although lots of products have human names so if it floats your boat then go for it.

AuntieStella Fri 23-Oct-15 09:12:04

Wasn't the name coined by Hugo specifically for that work? But I think it's now got a kind of back-formation (is that even a word? What term do I mean for an invented history?) as a MN for Nicole

I'm afraid when I see it I think it would be a good name for a brand of loo roll (sorry)

WhataRacquet Fri 23-Oct-15 09:19:28

It sounds like a 1950's product name, for an electric tea cosy or something.

mudandmayhem01 Fri 23-Oct-15 09:25:02

I love it, its one of daughters nicknames, would have used as a middle name if had sounded right with our chosen first name.

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