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Paul + our girls list

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Viatrix Wed 21-Oct-15 15:53:39

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions (both good and bad!!) on our girls list - which do you like/dislike and why?


Also, what do you think of Paul for a boy? Good name, or too dated for a child now?


manicinsomniac Wed 21-Oct-15 16:09:14

Louisa - it's ok. Not one I'd choose but elegant and pretty
Agnes - don't particularly like it, it's too old lady for me.
Rosamund - it's ok. Prefer the other Rose based named
Miriam - really like it
Kezia - like it
Jennifer - like it but don't like Jenny which seems inevitable
Katharine - like it but this is a very unusual spelling? Dislike Kathy
Vivien - don't like it at all but for some reason do like Vivienne?!
Joanna - love it
Wilhelmina - gosh no, really really dislike this. It sounds so ugly.
Caroline - not keen.
Susanna - like it
Martha - like it
Julia - it's ok but don't especially like it. Love Juliet though.
Mirabelle - very fancy but quite like it.

I'd choose Joanna followed by Miriam.

I do think Paul is a bit too dated but then a lot of your girl list is from a similar time.

celtictoast Wed 21-Oct-15 16:33:50

I like these the best as they are pretty and understated, and not overused.


To me, the others sound either harsh or dated.

Not sure that Paul is due a comeback really (Saul is more "current") but there's nothing wrong with it, so if you like it use it.

CakeRattleandRoll Wed 21-Oct-15 16:52:51

Great list! Miriam was my number one choice for DD, but was vetoed by DH sad

Also really like Agnes, Rosamund (but Rosanna even better), Keziah (with an 'h'), Jennifer, Vivienne (prefer this spelling), Joanna, Caroline and Martha.

I like them because they are elegant, strong, not girly (but clearly not boys either), interesting and not overly popular. And I also think they seem 'happy' names, if that makes sense.

I quite like Paul for a boy too.

Lunastarfish Wed 21-Oct-15 17:50:47

The only name I like is Caroline (which I love)

Paul is a bit dated but it would make a change from all the Jack, Harry, Ollies which are running around

olaflikeswarmhugs Wed 21-Oct-15 17:55:55

The only one in like is Louisa the others are too dated for me. I liked Louisa for dd2 but DH doesn't. She's still not got a name sorry I'm rubbish at this game confused

They're mostly all names generation actually. Except Agnes which is a granny's name.

aoife24 Wed 21-Oct-15 18:07:09

I like Paul, unusual nowadays but classic really.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 21-Oct-15 18:15:17

I would say Paul is a bit dated, but I love it. Maybe it's due a revival.

I like Kezia, Joanna, Susanna

FlysInDreams Wed 21-Oct-15 19:29:58

Katharine is my name, but be prepared for having to correct everyone who misspells it. Can be Kate or Katy(ie) or even Kit(ty) for short.

Oysterbabe Wed 21-Oct-15 19:35:04

I really don't like Paul. I'd lump it with Barry or Brian. Sounds like a plumber.

afghanda Wed 21-Oct-15 19:44:30

I absolutely love Louisa - a beautiful, classic name, yet very underused these days.

I like Agnes, Vivien, Joanna and Julia.

I dislike Kezia, Jennifer, Katharine and Mirabelle.

And I super super dislike Wilhemina.

EmmaWoodlouse Wed 21-Oct-15 20:36:03

I wouldn't worry about dated to be honest. Paul is a classic name with plenty of history, I don't think anyone is going to laugh at him for having an "old-fashioned" name in the same way that they might if he was Albert or Ernest. (or have those come back now?)

There are no names on your girls' list I really don't like, but I think the nicest of all are Rosamund, Joanna and Julia. If you might still want to use Paul at a later date if you have a girl, Joanna and Julia would probably go better with it, as Rosamund is a bit "romantic" whereas the others are more down to earth.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 21-Oct-15 20:38:00

What's wrong with a plumber Oyster?

ashesandfire Wed 21-Oct-15 21:55:59

I love Louisa, Keziah, Susannah, Mirabelle. Pretty and underused.
I like Miriam and Caroline in theory but cant imagine actually using them!
Agnes and Wilhelmina are ugly
Jennifer, Katharine, Vivien, Joanna are all OK but a bit dull
Martha is nice
Julia is a bit dated but I love Juliet

Paul is dated

ashesandfire Wed 21-Oct-15 21:56:38

I like Rosamund but prefer Rosalind and Rosanna

hawkmcqueen Wed 21-Oct-15 22:08:38

Oh my gosh you have picked some of my favourite girls names! My future imaginary daughter is called Susanna, love it so much. I also love Louisa and Julia. The rest for me are fine.

Paul, not so much. It's not the datedness of it so much as the wishy-washyness of it that I don't like. To me it's not a strong name. I give you Tom, Peter, Andrew, Fraser and Magnus.

Shakirasma Thu 22-Oct-15 09:17:01

My son is Paul, he's 8. I know a younger Paul too so it's just right IMO for something uncommon but not weird.

squoosh Thu 22-Oct-15 10:43:14

I don't like Paul. It seems as though 84% of men born between the years 1972 and 1986 were called Paul. They're everywhere. My life has total Paul fatigue.


These are my top picks from your girls list.

Agnes and Wilhelmina would be 'no way, never' in my book.

MrsCaecilius Thu 22-Oct-15 10:58:42

Louisa - lovely, classic, elegant and understated
Agnes - grumpy and old womany
Rosamund - prefer Rosanna
Miriam - busybody
Kezia - prefer Keziah
Jennifer - quite 70s
Katharine - prefer Katherine, lovely classic name, nn Kate or Kitty
Vivien - prefer Vivienne
Joanna - 70s
Wilhelmina - Enid Blyton!
Caroline - due a come back
Susanna - lovely an graceful
Martha - over done at the moment
Julia - like the full name, don't like Juju, Julie or other nn I have come across
Mirabelle - lovely, really pretty

Paul - ghastly. Overused and wet. Sorry!

Vixxfacee Thu 22-Oct-15 11:02:44

All bad apart from louisa.

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