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Help me with my shortlist!

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Dietru Wed 14-Oct-15 18:12:57

I love these names, what do you think? Any more suggestions smile

Imogen (Immy)
Emilia - Emmie Emmy Emie
Olivia (livvy)
Georgina (Georgie)


TheoriginalLEM Wed 14-Oct-15 18:17:42

imogen and olivia are nice. i really don't like the others . sorry

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Wed 14-Oct-15 19:14:20

Imogen. Okay but even if I had to name 100:girls. This would not even make it to boot camp for the short list
Leia is that pronounced Leah? if so the yes.
--Rieva. No makes me think of Ribena_
Emilia Kind of torn on this one. It's a nice name but starting become over used, but if popularity doesn't bother you that's fine.
Olivia is gorgeous, suits you right through out your life. But again very very popular.

On to the boys names.

Cole, Yes.
Theo. Yes

celtictoast Wed 14-Oct-15 19:59:14

Imogen (Immy) - don't like this although it seems v. popular on here
Leia - like
Rieva - not keen
Joelle - OK, or Joanna?
Emilia - Emmie Emmy Emie - like
Mila - quite nice but is it Myla or Meela?
Olivia (livvy) - OK
Georgina (Georgie) - like, classic name

Cole - OK
Caden - don't like
Theo - like, would use Theodore as full name
Bradley - too surnamey
Cody - like a code

manicinsomniac Wed 14-Oct-15 23:38:59

Imogen (Immy) - like Imogen. Don't like Immy
Leia - It's ok
Rieva - It's ok
Joelle - It's ok
Emilia - Emmie Emmy Emie - not especially keen
Mila - really like it
Olivia (livvy) - like it. Less keen on Livvy
Georgina (Georgie) - love it. Both full and nick name

Cole - it's ok
Caden - not keen
Theo - like it
Bradley - really dislike it
Cody - like it

I would go for Georgina/Georgie and Cody from your list I think.

susurration Fri 16-Oct-15 19:53:19

Imogen (Immy)- Love this, feminine without being overly girly or fussy.
Leia- Princess? no
Rieva- too similar to Reeva (Steinkamp) for me.
Joelle- no
Emilia - Emmie Emmy Emie- ok but one step from Amelia so no for me.
Mila- Ok
Olivia (livvy)- Nice, presonally prefer Olive
Georgina (Georgie)- I like this.

Cole- no
Caden- no
Theo- yes, like this.
Bradley- no
Cody- no

MamaLazarou Sat 17-Oct-15 19:39:03

Rieva pronounced Reeva or to rhyme with driver?

Tirfarthoin Sat 17-Oct-15 19:41:58

Rieva and Cody

KwikQ Sat 17-Oct-15 19:42:39

I like Imogen best of your girls names.

The other girls names are all OK. I dont know the name Rieva, though??
Riva is a french girls name, which I like a lot.

Not keen on your boys names - just not to my taste. I'd say Theo is the best of them, probably because it is slightly more classic.

MrsCaecilius Mon 19-Oct-15 15:24:46

Imogen (Immy) - My all time favourite girls name. Prefer Imo to Immy but love both.
Leia - Princess. No.
Rieva - reminds me of Oscar Pistorius' girlfriend, so no
Joelle - no, v Australian for some reason
Emilia - Emmie Emmy Emie - Love Emilia, but over used
Mila - No
Olivia (livvy) - Lovely, classic
Georgina (Georgie) - Also a real classic, lovely

- to be honest none of your boys names are my taste. Theo wins, but I'd prefer it as a nn for Theodore

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