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Ozzie or ruaraidh

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Findlayb Mon 12-Oct-15 22:57:19

Ok so boy due soon but can't quite pin a name I am in love with or flows well.
Ozzie is my fav, close 2nd is ruaraidh. Others I liked are Stanley, Ronnie, Eddie, Koah and Hamish.

Dad likes John on Henry hmm but the name needs to go with my older son Bailie.
Looking for middle names for my above choices if anyone can help! Thanks

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Mon 12-Oct-15 23:20:37

Ozzie goes ok with bailie.

Do you have Irish connections for ruaraidh? (Sorry, no accents on keyboard)

Ozzie John?

Findlayb Tue 13-Oct-15 06:54:50

I am Scottish so do like Celtic names... Ozzie John is a good shout! Ty

SageMist Tue 13-Oct-15 07:01:32

I know a Ruaraidh. He's in his early 20s now. He hates it and has changed his name to Rory.

GladysTheGolem Tue 13-Oct-15 07:08:14

I was coming on to say I know a Ruaraidh who is now a Rory! But he's older 20s (28) so there has to be more than one.

Ozzie goes better with your other sons name.
Stanley and Ronnie (Ron more as a girls name here, must be Eastenders?) are popular here (SE London).

Like Eddie and Koah, but don't think Hamish goes with Bailie

Findlayb Tue 13-Oct-15 07:17:38

If he's ruaraidh he's going to have to deal with it being spelt the proper way, I have had disagreements with a friend over it but I have an unusual name, spelt diferently and think when you have to correct people it builds confidence etc... Subliminal character building ??
I am swaying more to Ozzie atm but his dad's having none of it... Any other middle name suggestions?

Sgoinneal Tue 13-Oct-15 08:27:02

I like Ruairidh/Ruaraidh a lot and agree you should use a proper spelling smile. I'm not keen on Ozzie at all, is it short for something? Feels like it could be a cute nickname but I don't think I'd use it as a full name.
John's lovely and underused, you seem to like y/ie/idh endings so he could be nn Johnny? Gaelic for this is Seonaidh (shawny) and is used as a full name.

Your dp obviously likes traditional names and you like unusual, I think your best bet is traditional name with nn you like.

Findlayb Tue 13-Oct-15 09:58:12

Oh I like that! Thanks yeah you have hit the nail on the head we are going to have to find a happy medium, there are just so many factors to consider... Poor child is going to end up being called Bob if we don't agree as that's what's the bump is called x

florascotianew Tue 13-Oct-15 19:59:07

OP You say you are thinking of finding a 'happy medium' name, and very best wishes to you for that - and for the baby when he arrives.

Just a quick note, IF, IF, IF you are still thinking of Ruairidh, as Sgoinneal says above, please spell it like that. In Gaelic, the 'ridh' at the end is the 'ree' sound (and incidentally is based on the Gaelic word for king); 'aidh' at the end of a word doesn't sound like that.

Ruairidh has many, many different spellings (some anglicised): Some of them end in a simple 'ri', which also gives the 'ree' sound. None of them ends in 'aidh'.

MyNameIsSuz Tue 13-Oct-15 20:18:18

I like Ozzie too but if oh isn't keen... could you go for something like Austin, which would shorten to Ozzie (Aussie)?

Georgethesecond Tue 13-Oct-15 20:20:35

Flora that was very diplomatic grin

Findlayb Tue 13-Oct-15 21:16:54

Thanks flora! (Flora was up in my top girls names lol)! Yeah definitely want a Gaelic spelling but the reason I was keen for aidh was cause of how I tend to pronounce it myself, Ray at the end not ree, how is the aidh pronounced? Thank you for your comment smile

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Tue 13-Oct-15 21:31:55

Roray? That's not a name. However you spell it.

Findlayb Tue 13-Oct-15 21:48:35

It's still "rory", its down to accent... My sister pronunces it rur-ree I pronounce it roar-ray.... My names Alannah some pronounce it Alan-a others Al-lannah.

florascotianew Wed 14-Oct-15 10:02:03

OP - I agree that an awful lot is down to accent. I'm absolutely not an expert but I think that 'aidh' at the end of a name often gives a short 'ih' sound (as in 'factaraidh' = factory or 'Mamaidh' = ' Mammy'). 'Aidh' at the end of a word does not usually give an 'ay' sound.

'idh' at the end gives a longer 'ee' sound (as in 'coffee' or 'toffee'), if you see what I mean.

But the difference will indeed depend on accent.

But - as always - your baby, your choice, and best wishes.

Findlayb Wed 14-Oct-15 22:03:50

Thank you so much flora, all very useful smile

Sgoinneal Sat 17-Oct-15 14:59:16

Much better than I could have explained it Flora, spot on smile

Kittykatmacbill Sat 17-Oct-15 19:45:22


Lovely name.

Findlayb Sat 17-Oct-15 20:00:49

Thank you I really love it x

myotherusernameisbetter Sat 17-Oct-15 22:47:21

I was also going to say Austin or Oscar with Ozzie for short. smile

I also know a Shawny.

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