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Final vote

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moveover15 Sat 10-Oct-15 20:58:47

Which is the preference & why please???

Patrick James Cook
George Patrick Cook
James Patrick Cook

Thank you!!!

GloriaHotcakes Sat 10-Oct-15 21:00:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Floralnomad Sat 10-Oct-15 21:01:20

Very cute , James Patrick would be my vote .

scatterthenuns Sat 10-Oct-15 21:04:50

George! He's a beautiful smile

Mydearchild Sat 10-Oct-15 21:06:19

George! Ah he makes me broody -congratulations to you thankssmile

Dinosaursdontgrowontrees Sat 10-Oct-15 21:08:40

Oh he's a George no doubt!! He is so gorgeous! (Love his sleepsuit too)

Mrsindecision Sat 10-Oct-15 21:11:45

Awwww, he's lovely!

All good name choices. Patrick is the least used if that's an issue for you but I would choose James - a truly timeless name option.

BitOutOfPractice Sat 10-Oct-15 21:15:21

Oh my goodness he is adorable! Congratulations!

James Patrick gets the vote here from me and DP so that counts as 2.

Rivercam Sat 10-Oct-15 21:15:29

Looks like Patrick to me. Love his outfit.


RainbowRoses Sat 10-Oct-15 21:21:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Picklebird Sat 10-Oct-15 21:22:37

Id all him Patrick, nn Paddy

DiscoDiva70 Sat 10-Oct-15 21:36:03

Gorgeous baby!
It depends whether you'd mind his name being shortened or not, George is the only one you can't and so that'd be my vote, lovely name too!

Tiggeryoubastard Sat 10-Oct-15 21:37:59

James Patrick. A lovely name for a beautiful boy. Congratulations.

Yika Sat 10-Oct-15 21:39:14

Patrick James.

Very classic but not so many Patricks around these days.

BikeRunSki Sat 10-Oct-15 21:40:58

Patrick James.

Allalonenow Sat 10-Oct-15 21:42:20

Patrick all the way, he is never a George ~ too boring!! grin

Many congrats! He is beautiful!! thanks thanks

margaritasbythesea Sat 10-Oct-15 21:43:03



BertrandRussell Sat 10-Oct-15 21:45:47

Patrick. It's a lovely name. And I'm not remotely biased!

But my Patrick is the most gorgeous, thoughtful, sensitive, funny, delightful 14 year old imaginable. So go for Patrick, and mine can be his role model.......

hawkmcqueen Sat 10-Oct-15 21:58:32

George Cook :-) Please let us know what you pick!

OP, taking away all perceived issues, what is your favourite name??

FunkyPeacock Sat 10-Oct-15 22:02:19

Patrick James x

Sophronia Sat 10-Oct-15 22:07:25

Patrick James!

DramaAlpaca Sat 10-Oct-15 22:08:34

Patrick James or James Patrick.

Blueturquoise Sun 11-Oct-15 00:02:30

Patrick James

CakeRattleandRoll Sun 11-Oct-15 03:02:32

George Patrick. Congratulations!

AnotherEmma Sun 11-Oct-15 03:34:24

Patrick is the only name in every combo so it must be your favourite! So I vote Patrick James Cook (it also has a nice rhythm!)
If not second choice would be James Patrick Cook because James is a lovely name.
NOT George because of the prince and because it's not as nice as the other two.

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