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Nivea would be rather a pretty name.....

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Lambbone Thu 08-Oct-15 14:28:13

If it weren't for the fact that it is a face cream.

And Harpic would be quite a good boys' name.

Are there any other products out there that have nabbed what could be perfectly acceptable names?

LettuceLaughton Thu 08-Oct-15 14:32:09

Izal would be a fantastic name.

LucozadeBreath Thu 08-Oct-15 14:33:24

Covonia grin

PurpleDaisies Thu 08-Oct-15 14:38:04

We're both science teachers so we have this conversation with chemical elements rather than cleaning products-
Antimony, Argon and Xenon are good for a boy.
For a girl what about Thallium (thali for short) or Iridium?

LucozadeBreath Thu 08-Oct-15 14:41:25

PurpleDaisies my friend's brother is called Xenon hmm

KittiesInsane Thu 08-Oct-15 14:42:52

I used to know an Aniline, PurpleDaisies.

MouldyPeach Thu 08-Oct-15 14:45:26

Lenor and Ariel

TheTravellingLemon Thu 08-Oct-15 14:45:34

I like the name Aviva, which is actually a name. But ruined by insurance.

PurpleDaisies Thu 08-Oct-15 14:48:39

That's interesting kitties - they lucked out not to be stuck with aminobenzene or phenylamine!

I've never met anyone with an element name in real life lucozade. I have met a child called Flash thought which definitely falls into the cleaning product category.

ChessieFL Thu 08-Oct-15 14:49:44


AnyoneButAndre Thu 08-Oct-15 14:49:49

Orangina and Chlamydia would be nice for girls.
Peristalsis has a highbrow Greek ring for a boy.

ThereIsIron Thu 08-Oct-15 14:50:12


ThereIsIron Thu 08-Oct-15 14:50:43

Also always liked Enema as a girls name

InQuiteAPickle Thu 08-Oct-15 14:51:38

Well you could always go for Neveah if you like Nivea. Sounds similar but a bit classier! wink

InQuiteAPickle Thu 08-Oct-15 14:54:28

Anadin - would be a good unisex name.

KittiesInsane Thu 08-Oct-15 14:55:53

Benzene would actually be a good name for a boy, Purple!

It's one of the few things I remember from A-level organic chemistry - everyone snurking each time Aniline was mentioned. She wasn't in our year, and I hope she chose history or something instead.

Lambbone Thu 08-Oct-15 14:56:37


What sort of a thing is Ananya - not heard of it? Do you eat it or clear your drains with it?

PestoSwimissimos Thu 08-Oct-15 14:57:15

I've always loved Broccoli for a girl

psychotropic Thu 08-Oct-15 14:59:00

Nivea IS a girls name hmm

TheLowKing Thu 08-Oct-15 15:04:03

Nivea means 'snow-white (female)' in Latin. Interestin' fact. grin

TheWoodenSpoonOfMischief Thu 08-Oct-15 15:06:33

Ananya is a name. I know someone called Ananya.

hairbrushbedhair Thu 08-Oct-15 15:29:59

As a drinker of tons of kefir I couldn't sadly name a child keifer and i quite like the name

Wellington would make a good name too

moggle Thu 08-Oct-15 15:31:23

We always joke about baby Debris... "Debris! Come 'ere!!"

LisbethSalandersLaptop Thu 08-Oct-15 15:32:55

Daz or Surf would be lovely for a boy

LisbethSalandersLaptop Thu 08-Oct-15 15:41:52

Daisies I did actually meet someone called 'Zircon' but his dyslexic dad spelt it wrong on the birth cert, so he was 'Zarcon'.

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