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Hector, Hugo, Max, Miles??!!

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Elmo303 Thu 08-Oct-15 13:22:57

Our ds2 is due in Jan and we're finding it so much harder to come up with a name than first time round. Anyone else having this problem?

We like strong sounding names. Our first son is Arthur and we immediately loved it but this time we like so many names but aren't certain of any.
I've always quite liked Hector but think it might be a bit much with Arthur? I always thought that after Arthur we'd choose something simpler for a second son as surprisingly there have were a few raised eyebrows when we first told people ds1's name.

We like James too (although I feel it's not quite right) and Hugo (though my sisters thought this was ridiculously posh so that put a bit of a dampener on it). Quite like Max and Miles too, and Henry. Also like Oscar but feel it's quite of the moment. Just not really sure about any of them - especially to go with Arthur.
In an ideal world we'd have George but my best mate has already nabbed that one! Any thoughts anyone? Any ideas on the names I've mentioned would be much appreciated! Thanks

celtictoast Thu 08-Oct-15 13:48:49

I think Hector or Henry would go well with Arthur.

Sophronia Thu 08-Oct-15 14:14:15

Hector or Miles are my favourites.

captaincake Thu 08-Oct-15 14:19:54

Miles and Hugo are my favourites. Hector nice too just not one of my personal favourites. Not keen on Max and don't think it's as eerrmm 'nice' as Arthur or any of your other choices. I think Henry goes well with Arthur too but pretty popular.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Thu 08-Oct-15 14:22:31

I think hector would be a good choice with Arthur.

Hugo is my personal favourite from your list. Short and sweet. Also fits well with Arthur.

Minimaus Thu 08-Oct-15 14:23:39

The meaning of Hector (both verb to hector and the noun) would put me off that one. And Miles sounds like the plural of Mile, but I do like Hugo!

Elmo303 Thu 08-Oct-15 16:07:27

Thanks everyone! I think I'm leaning towards Hugo as it's simple and goes well with surname etc. my only concern is everyone I've mentioned it to says how posh/poncy it is. Is Hugo still considered really posh? We live on the south coast (as opposed to Fulham, London - wink wink) and obvs I don't want to set the poor fella up for a load of teasing!

RiverTam Thu 08-Oct-15 16:17:10

What about Otto? I like Hector most from your list.

RiverTam Thu 08-Oct-15 16:17:57

Or Hugh?

CakeRattleandRoll Thu 08-Oct-15 16:21:26

Love Hector. Its link to mythology makes it a nice match with Arthur.

Elmo303 Thu 08-Oct-15 16:22:21

I'm not so keen on Otto tbh. I have loved Hector for a long time though. Despite the verb 'to hector', the name actually means 'steadfast' which is lovely I think, and very apt for this baby given a very difficult history trying for our second child. Hmmm, perhaps we'll just have to see whether he looks like a Hector or a Hugo when he arrives!

duckfilledfattypuss Thu 08-Oct-15 16:24:32

From your list, I like James and Hugo, or how about Toby?

Stanley also fits with Arthur quite nicely, but it sounds like you're not sure about names that can be shortened.

duckfilledfattypuss Thu 08-Oct-15 16:25:34

We discounted Hector because of the meaning, but I've subsequently met a very cute baby with that name!

JassyRadlett Thu 08-Oct-15 16:26:10

Hector and Arthur together feel a bit, er, legendary for my taste, and I'd jump to (probably incorrect) assumptions about your interests.

I do like Hugo. I generally like Henry, but with Arthur it feels like you're having the children of Henry VII.

Many of these names were on our list - we're about to have a Leo.

RiverTam Thu 08-Oct-15 16:29:43

The one Hector I know is lovely (though the one Arthur I know is a bit of a nightmare so that's probably not terribly helpful grin).

Elmo303 Thu 08-Oct-15 16:30:36

Duckfilledfattypuss we already have friends with Stanley and a Toby, but tbh they're not quite what we're looking for. Dh loves James, I like it too but wanted something a little less classic and we may well use it for a middle name instead as it is in the family - so Hugo James or Hector James etc . It does go well with Arthur though, argh really undecided - so much harder second time round!

Elmo303 Thu 08-Oct-15 16:48:58

Jassy, I completely get what you're saying about Hector with Arthur, it could sound a bit much together. This has been my concern all along. Part of me thinks with something as 'epic' historically as Arthur, we should stick to a classic like James.

Elmo303 Thu 08-Oct-15 16:50:23

Ps love Leo but there's already 3 in the family!

JassyRadlett Thu 08-Oct-15 16:50:25

I think what you can draw from my posts is that I'm quite fond of history myself! grin

mrsschu Thu 08-Oct-15 18:59:55

Based on your shortlist, I have similar taste in boys' names to you Elmo303. Hugo, Max and Miles were also on my shortlist. Not a fan of Hector though and definitely not with Arthur. Other names on my shortlist were Ted (didn't use it because we didn't like any of the full names), Conrad, Felix and Rueben. I also really like Oscar but also felt it was too "now"/popular which is a shame.

Elmo303 Thu 08-Oct-15 19:05:53

Mrsschu I like Ted too and Edward as the longer version. We discounted Edward recently for some reason, not sure why as it is really nice, but same as James almost a bit too classic. I really love Felix, I think if we didn't have an Arthur it would be a seriouscontender but I think Arthur and Felix together might be a cat reference too far!

JassyRadlett Thu 08-Oct-15 19:06:43

Elmo, three!! I am doing the classic thing of deciding I'm going off a name I've been perfectly happy with for months shortly before the sprog's arrival....

Sanity will prevail. Hopefully.

JassyRadlett Thu 08-Oct-15 19:08:06

Cross post, Elmo - Felix was the other one on our final shortlist.

DS1 has the other two names in your last post. grin

Elmo303 Thu 08-Oct-15 19:11:14

jassy I do this too! I get all set on a name then get bored and try to find something else. Think I need to leave it til the birth, or perhaps get out more hehe
I don't like all the indecision though, it's driving me mad!

Minty82 Thu 08-Oct-15 19:12:43

Hugo is seen as quite posh I think, but no more so than Arthur, surely?! I love Max, not a fan of Miles at all; Hector's great, just not for me for some reason. Anyway, all I really meant to say is that Arthur and George is the title of a novel by Julian Barnes (about Arthur Conan Doyle) so I would avoid that combo!

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