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middle name for Erica

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Bodicea Tue 06-Oct-15 21:31:55

Struggling to find a middle name. My surname rhymes with bin. Needs to be short - 1 or two syllables. I quite like Rose but worry it s a bit of a filler and also I have a friend who can't pronounce her r's and if baby had the same issue she would be stuffed ( the things we think of!!?!).

Vixxfacee Tue 06-Oct-15 21:33:03

Erica Cleo

TheoriginalLEM Tue 06-Oct-15 21:34:21


my fave is jane

Ilovetorrentialrain Tue 06-Oct-15 21:35:27

Hi Bodicea

By 'filler' do you mean a name quite often used as a middle name e.g. Mary or Jane?

Do you like Frances?

Do you have to have a middle name at all? Sorry if that's not helpful!

Bodicea Tue 06-Oct-15 21:44:04

By filler Yes I mean very commonly used as a middle name I suppose.
Jane is my middle name and would give her the same initials as our son so I think is a no go.
Love Frances but unfortunately is my the female version of my dads middle name who I am practically estranged from so would not go down well esp as my son had a middle name after him :-(
I quite like Beth, my mums middle name is Elizabeth so might be a nice way to honour her.
I would like a middle name. My son has two so would be mean to not give this one at least one!!!

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Tue 06-Oct-15 21:45:47

Erica Grace
Erica Mae
Erica Louise
Erica Beth

Bodicea Tue 06-Oct-15 21:48:11

Dh nodding at Louise...

Ilovetorrentialrain Tue 06-Oct-15 21:49:33

Erica Louise is lovely!

Ilovetorrentialrain Tue 06-Oct-15 22:05:30

Lauren? Jean?

Bodicea Tue 06-Oct-15 22:07:44

Just looking up middle names with stress in the second syllable and came across Elise.
Like it but do two Es matter?
DH now saying he would have for a first name. Groan!!!!!

ashesandfire Tue 06-Oct-15 22:28:05

Erica Juno
Erica Kate
Erica Brooke
Erica Beth
Erica Jean
Erica Megan
Erica Violet
Erica Lily
Erica Daisy
Erica Willow
Erica Rowan
Erica Joy
Erica Xanthe
Erica Sadie
Erica Sophie
Erica Nina
Erica Sorrel

ashesandfire Tue 06-Oct-15 22:28:33

Love Erica btw but think Erica Elise is too much

SuckingEggs Tue 06-Oct-15 22:30:54

Erica Martha
Erica Lucy
Erica Molly

bigbadbarry Tue 06-Oct-15 22:33:12

I thought Louise too smile Was a really popular middle name in the 70s but is unusual now.

Sophronia Tue 06-Oct-15 23:51:12

Erica Blythe
Erica Lark
Erica Ruth
Erica Hope
Erica Joy
Erica Skye
Erica Pearl
Erica Dawn
Erica Maeve
Erica Noelle
Erica Celeste
Erica Nicole
Erica Justine
Erica Adele
Erica Violet
Erica Jasmine
Erica Faith
Erica Sophie
Erica Willow
Erica Zoe

Sophronia Tue 06-Oct-15 23:56:49

Erica Ruby
Erica Margot
Erica Florence
Erica Beatrice
Erica Lily
Erica Niamh
Erica Alice
Erica Summer
Erica Ivy
Erica Judith
Erica Olive
Erica Daisy
Erica Nancy
Erica Holly
Erica Maisie
Erica Robyn
Erica Edith
Erica Charlotte

NotMeNotYouNotAnyone Wed 07-Oct-15 10:15:17

Erica Rose is lovely

Vixxfacee Wed 07-Oct-15 10:26:11

Elise is MUCH better.

Bodicea Thu 08-Oct-15 14:24:44

Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I am edging towards Erica Charlotte. Sophronia reminded me of the name which I was planning on naming my first born if he was a girl. Had totally forgot about it. The royals put me of having it as a first name but don't think it matters so much to me as a second.

froggyjump Thu 08-Oct-15 23:03:42

Just wanted to say I love Erica - I suggest it on here quite a lot! Erica Charlotte sounds lovely x

Sophronia Thu 08-Oct-15 23:40:09

Erica Charlotte is lovely smile

Moodyblue1 Tue 13-Oct-15 09:54:23

I like Erica Charlotte.

I also loved Charlotte as a first name but I'd ruled it out due to the royal connection too same with George so I think I might use those as middle name options.

Bluewombler2k Tue 20-Oct-15 12:18:56

We are having an Erica too! Have decided on Erica Catherine

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