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Pranmasghost Sun 04-Oct-15 17:49:24

Yesterday I met a small baby named Severn. At first I thought mum said it was Seven like the Beckhams' daughter but no, it was Severn like the river. I think I like it although the river's Latin(?) name is Sabrina I believe.

SolsburyHell Sun 04-Oct-15 17:53:48

I was at Legoland today and heard a woman summon her two children. They were called Samson and Delilah hmm. Severn is ok.

celtictoast Sun 04-Oct-15 17:55:18

I like it.

Clueing4looks Sun 04-Oct-15 17:58:20

There's a woman at the kids school who has just named her baby boy labyrinth. I think severn is lovely in comparison.

thatstoast Sun 04-Oct-15 17:59:50

So is Severn a boy or a girl?

MouldyPeach Sun 04-Oct-15 18:04:06

Reminds me of Severn Trent Water, but would be a lovely name if not for that connection. I love the name Lenor, but associations to laundry means I'd never use it.

ClashCityRocker Sun 04-Oct-15 18:07:58

I couldn't help saying it in a Len Goodman voice.

Although I actually quite like it.

Sophronia Sun 04-Oct-15 18:34:09

It makes me think of severed or severing. I prefer Sabrina, or even Habren, the original Welsh name for the river.

Nonnainglese Sun 04-Oct-15 18:38:04

Sounds like Somerset pronunciation of 'Seven'...

Pranmasghost Mon 05-Oct-15 12:33:58

It was a little girl, lovely though I think it would work for either.

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