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Isaac, Jude or Sebastian

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happymummyone Sun 06-Sep-15 16:56:27

we were pretty set on Jude for our soon to be born baby but as the due date approaches we're less sure.

Which do you prefer out of Jude, Isaac or Sebastian?

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 06-Sep-15 17:19:08


mumsnit Sun 06-Sep-15 17:22:26

Jude is great!

I like Sebastian too but Isaac is very popular in our neck of the woods which puts me off an otherwise nice name!

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 06-Sep-15 17:24:31


SmugairleRoin Sun 06-Sep-15 17:27:23

Isaac, a nicer sound than Jude imo. Or Isaiah?

Sebastian is alright but it's quite popular and I'm not keen on Seb.

StormCoat Sun 06-Sep-15 17:45:23

The likelihood of Seb puts me off the otherwise nice Sebastian. Either Jude or Isaac are lovely.

happymummyone Sun 06-Sep-15 19:13:22

DP and i still both love Jude but In RL people seem to either pull a face or you can tell they are pretending to like it.

DP prefers Sebastian, which he wants to shorten to Bass rather than Seb.

I like Isaac, hopefully not shortened to anything like Zac. Bit we have a DD with an 'I' name and DP thinks we would need to call anyother children 'I' names too if we used Isaac.

dementedma Sun 06-Sep-15 19:15:24

Nice names. I love Jude and Sebastian - don't shorten it to anything! Jacob is nice too.

LettuceLaughton Sun 06-Sep-15 19:26:57

Jude is great!

Nothing wrong with Sebsatian or Ozaac but I'd really not use anything you strongly dislike common shortenings of. People say "Oh, just don't shorten it" but other people (and sometime the DC themselves) will all the damned time. I took the 'just don't shorten it' advice and if I had my time again I'd honestly just go with another name. Grr.

Leo (or Leonard, I love Leonard)

DramaAlpaca Sun 06-Sep-15 19:27:32

Jude is my favourite of the three, followed by Sebastian. Not keen on Isaac.

LettuceLaughton Sun 06-Sep-15 19:28:07

Ozaac? Isaac, obviously.

MerryMarigold Sun 06-Sep-15 19:29:56

I have a Jude, but just today saw the name Seymour which almost made me want another ds! Don't like Sebastian for some reason, seems a bit public schooly.

YouBastardSockBalls Sun 06-Sep-15 19:30:49

I will never forget when Sara Cox had a baby and called him Isaac.

I hope to goodness she didn't give him her surname shock

MerryMarigold Sun 06-Sep-15 19:31:32

Our Jude's nn is a lengthening, poor kid. He does get cake Judy, but he's the type to take it!

AllThereIs Sun 06-Sep-15 19:31:43


LettuceLaughton Sun 06-Sep-15 19:32:16

Oh! Seymour. That's very nice actually. I usually hate surname type names but that's grand. Like Herbert and Seth but better.

happymummyone Sun 06-Sep-15 19:32:36

My DD has a name that can be shortened to something i HATE the sound of but we'be been quite lucky so far. The problem with isaac is it will almost undoubtedly be shortened to zac and im not into it. My mum gave me a name she loved but hated one of the shortened versions of it, and lo and behold, i go by the shortened version she hates, because it suits me.

dementedma Sun 06-Sep-15 19:36:34

Ds name is one which has a very popular nickname.Think Daniel and Dan, sort of thing. We have always used his full name because we love it and so does he. If people abbreviate it and say Hi Dan, he says, It's Daniel. You don't have to accept nns if you don't want them

Ladypug Sun 06-Sep-15 19:42:43

Jude is a lovely name, I say use it! but I love Isaac too!

LettuceLaughton Sun 06-Sep-15 19:43:01

I wonder if our DDs have the same name actually.

IME, the shortening thing happens more and more the older they get. DD is 8 now so it's out of my control, as it should be. She introduces her self by her full name but she gets (and likes) all the standard shortenings from her friends and their parents. I've not grown to like them but it's her name, she may well choose to go by one of the shortenings at some point.

Junosmum Sun 06-Sep-15 19:45:45

Love Jude.

grumpysquash Sun 06-Sep-15 19:47:57

One of my DC is Isaac (surname is not Cox though!] and it is never shortened to Zac by anyone. Also, he's the only Isaac in his school of 240 pupils, even though generally it's quite popular these days.
There are tons of Sebastians here though

happymummyone Sun 06-Sep-15 19:48:41

Lettuce, is it a three sylable name?

LettuceLaughton Sun 06-Sep-15 19:51:43

Nope, 4 syllables here.

StormyBlue Sun 06-Sep-15 19:52:06

Sebastian, is my favourite, then Isaac, then Jude.

I do hear of the odd Sebastian, but I wouldn't exactly say that it's really popular. Same for Isaac.

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