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Twin siblings for Eliza?

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chatterbox11 Thu 03-Sep-15 10:02:51

DH and I have one DD, Eliza Jane. Now we are expecting b/g twins. For DS, we like Leo. For DD2, we like Thea, Freya or Eleanor. Problem is that Thea and Leo sound too similar and we're worried about the repeated 'el' sound in Eliza and Eleanor. Which means we will probably end up using Freya and though we do like it it's our least favourite of the three. What name would you use as a sister to Eliza and Leo: Thea, Eleanor, Freya or something entirely different?

Ikeameatballs Thu 03-Sep-15 10:11:42

I think I'd go for something different.


ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 03-Sep-15 10:35:10


I wouldnt use two girls names beginning 'El' just in case they both get Elle or Ellie.

HeteronormativeHaybales Thu 03-Sep-15 10:40:04

The 'el' sound isn't really the same in Eliza and Eleanor (more 'il' versus 'el' surely?), so that I think the two names actually work well together. Eleanor is a lovely name. I like a pp's suggestion of Flora too. How about Lucy or Mary (just seen a pp has suggested that too)? Not names you hear a great deal these days but lovely and classic.

TillyTolly Thu 03-Sep-15 11:58:06

I have to agree re. Eleanor being too similar with it's phonemes; I think Eliza and Eleanor on their own would be fine but possibly not with Leo in the mix too... Lots of 'l + vowel' combos. Thea is my favourite on your list but I see the clash with Leo and would probably want to avoid that too.

Are there any other boys' names you like? If so, you could switch Leo across to baby girl twin as 'Leonora' to be known as Leo.

If not, how about Dorothea? Then you could use full name or 'Dora' when rattling off kids' names en mass and Thea when speaking to her individually?

For some reason I have a real aversion to Freya, think I've just met too many though. Alternatives:


helentheheron Fri 04-Sep-15 09:20:23

Oliver and June

WankerDeAsalWipe Fri 04-Sep-15 09:35:08

A bit of a switch about, but how about Leanora for the girl instead of Leo for the boy and Theo for the boy instead of Thea for the girl?

Eliza, Leonora (Nora) and Theo?

WankerDeAsalWipe Fri 04-Sep-15 09:37:07

Ah! just read Tillys post - great minds and all that... smile

mathanxiety Sun 06-Sep-15 04:39:50

Something different for the girls. I love Leo.


Though I must say I love Eliza, Leonora and Theo.

nolongerwaitingfornumber2 Sun 06-Sep-15 04:49:12

I have an Eliza and if DS had been a girl he'd have been Tabitha.

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