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what names would you have used 5, 10, 15 yrs ago?

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susurration Fri 28-Aug-15 12:36:44

Just thinking today about how my taste in names has changed so much over the years. How have your name choices (real or hypothetical) changed over time? I'll start:

15 years ago: Girl- Jessica-May. No boy's name.

10 years ago: Girl- Niamh, Boy- Joshua

5 years ago: Girl- Beatrice, Boy- Alfie

Yesterday: Girl- Olive, Boy- Freddie

This morning, I've gone off Olive!

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Sat 29-Aug-15 10:03:34

15 years ago

Daniel and Jessica

10 years ago

David (davey) and Elizabeth

5 years ago

Finley and Freya


Harry and kerry

YeOldeTrout Sat 29-Aug-15 10:25:58

This is real for me, I had kids 5, 10 & 15 yrs ago.

Would I give them same names today: maybe. Similar names for sure. I like easy to spell names with lots of nicknames so usually traditional classics like Elizabeth, Thomas, Catherine or Alexander (didn't actually use those). I like some modern types but they have to be easy to spell (Kenya, Somaya, Zane, Neeve).

PurpleSkyatthewateringhole Sat 29-Aug-15 10:41:38

15 years ago - dd would've been Casey or Jude. Ds would have been River or Lucas.

10 years ago -dd would have been Emily (nn Millie) or Mia. Ds would have been Noah or Caleb.

5 years ago - Ds was very nearly Blake but DH loved another name.
Dd (not yet born) may have been Imogen, Hannah or Gabrielle (disclaimer, none of these suited her when she was born). She has a name that, to me, symbolises mischeive and fun.

cashewnutty Sat 29-Aug-15 10:45:08

I had my children 17 and 23 years ago and haven't given it a thought since!

YogaPants Sat 29-Aug-15 11:00:55

15 years - Lily and Joshua
10 years - Sophie and Aidan/Evan
5 years - Amelia and Leo
Today - Ada and Zachary

Helenluvsrob Sat 29-Aug-15 11:20:45

My kids are older than the timescale you've given. They would have had the same names as they do , I'm sure.

However they might have had a 2nd middle name. I'm quite sad now ( and it's taken me to nearly 50 to realise) that I didn't give DS my paternal grandads name -Samson as a middle name ( though oddly not so fond of maternal grandads name Harold - but one of the girls has my mum name as a middle name which conveniently is also her mums name ) .

I also feel now that one child should maybe have had my maiden surname as a middle name as it will die out sad. Mind you that's a very mixed feeling. My sis and I have dads mums maiden name as a middle name. As a kid it was an utter curse.

So the moral of my tale is as usual, you are naming a person for a lifetime ( probably assuming thry don't change it) don't name your cute baby a cute baby name they will grow out of. fifi trixibelle probably doesn't use her full name now, or carries it off by dint of being a celeb kid. This also means pay attention to trends.

Don't be afraid to give your baby a name you love but only see as a grown up name iyswim. Barbara is a woman's name to me but logically all Barbara's were babies once.

My mythical 4th baby would maybe have another " less mainstream " name. It would be a solid " proper name " though such as maybe

Sophronia Sat 29-Aug-15 11:23:38

15 years ago - Lucy and Aaron
10 years ago - Ariadne and Zacchaeus "Zacc" (Greek mythology phase!)
5 years ago - Eva and Alexander
Today - Louisa and Samuel

StevieJo Sat 29-Aug-15 11:27:52

15 years ago - Maeve or Xander
10 years ago - Gabrielle or Sebastian
5 years ago - Lucy or Gabriel
Today - Sophie or Henry

susurration Sat 29-Aug-15 17:02:19

Looks everyone's likes have moved with 'the times' in a way then, which is interesting. I suppose it does influence us all what names we hear most often. 15 years ago names like Jessica were names I heard everyday amongst my peers.

KaraokeQueenOfTheNorth Sat 29-Aug-15 18:04:21

15 years ago : Bonnie for a girl, Joshua and Jacob for boys
10 years ago : Blake or Corey for a boy, Sadie or Daisy for a girl
5 years ago : Toby or Theo for boys, anastasia or Cordelia for girls

Now: I currently love Merryn, Phoebe or Cadence for a girl, and Jared or Caleb for a boy.

HackerFucker22 Sun 30-Aug-15 11:18:02

I always adored the name Cassy - for some reason. Loved it from a very early age but went off it when I actually fell pregnant. Same with Felicia and Alexia.

If I had b/g twins tomorrow they would be Jean and Finn.

HackerFucker22 Sun 30-Aug-15 11:19:19

Ps I used the boys name I have always loved (very classic) when DS was born. DD was a name I'd never considered before - until DP suggested it when I was about 30 weeks.

juneybean Sun 30-Aug-15 11:21:23

15 years ago - Stuart and Jaime
10 years ago - Kari and Leo
5 years ago - Mia and Alexander

afink Sun 30-Aug-15 14:39:02

15 - Ben and Tabitha
10 - Leon and Ivy
5 - Teddy and Sylvie

ExBallerina Sun 30-Aug-15 14:47:23

My favourite boy name has always been Patrick, so if I ever do have a son, I hope I still use it.

I used to love Emily and Emma for girls but never used it for DD. I think I just know too many!

I loved Scarlett as a teenager and it's DD's middle name.

LauraChant Sun 30-Aug-15 14:56:33

15 years ago, possibly Sophie or Grace and definitely Jack.

10/5 years ago doesn't seem that long ago but I know that 25/30 years ago I wanted Gary or Troy for a boy and Christelle or Sandra for a girl.

BathshebaDarkstone Sun 30-Aug-15 15:00:47

My tastes haven't changed, and I can't tell you as they're the names of my actual DC! Except that my youngest would have been Wulf, but with DH's surname he'd have got a lot of stick!

Junosmum Mon 31-Aug-15 01:10:26

15 years ago, Amber and Rhode
10 years ago, Anastasia and Reuben
5 years ago Ella and David
Today, iris and rufus

Theresomethingaboutdairy Wed 02-Sep-15 14:09:53

15 years ago Jessica or Callum
10 years ago Emily, Ellie or Henry
5 years ago Olivia or James
Yesterday Edward or Florence (still love Emily and Henry though)

fairyfeatures Wed 02-Sep-15 14:51:38

15 years ago - Sophie and Joshua
10 years ago - Seryn and Morgan
5 years ago - Isla and Ethan
Yesterday/Now - Elsie and Theo

iwouldgoouttonight Wed 02-Sep-15 15:03:13

15 - Dylan and Alice
10 - Elliot and Emily
5 - George and Olive
Now - Tobias and Violet

Wafflenose Wed 02-Sep-15 21:33:48

Nice thread.

15 years ago: Alexandra and David
10 years ago: Kate and Thomas
5 years ago: Sennen and Troy
Now: Seraphina and Joel

I have two DCs and did actually use one of these.

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