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Clementine - honest opinions pls

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cammybear Wed 26-Aug-15 02:49:41

We absolutely love Clementine (pronounced "Clementeen") for our DD. But now I am starting to have second thoughts - does it verge just on the wrong side of ridiculous? We are mildly hippy MC types (sorry if the categorising offends people - just trying to give people a good picture) who swing between off the wall names and very trad but unusual ones (the most important thing being not boring). I expect she will be 'Clemmie'.

But does it pass the (probably silly) Prime Minister/CEO test? I know Clementine is growing in popularity now really, especially where we live right now, so that is maybe what's putting me off as well (the logic being if we're going to pick a name that doesn't pass the PM test, then at least it shouldn't be too popular? - or am I just overthinking it now?)

I really would like to know people's thoughts.

VashtaNerada Wed 26-Aug-15 03:49:28

I love it! My first two thoughts are: lots of people will mispronounce as ClemenTYEne so she'll constantly be correcting them, and also that it makes me think of the character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (not sure if that's a good thing or not!)

BitOfFun Wed 26-Aug-15 03:49:32

I think it's lovely. As far as the PM test goes, it was the name of the power behind the throne, ie Winston Churchill's very clever wife.

ICanSeeForMiles Wed 26-Aug-15 03:56:28

I love it smile

Eternalsunshines Wed 26-Aug-15 04:03:36

I love it (and the film earlier associated grin)

RedToothBrush Wed 26-Aug-15 09:15:54

I like unusual but Clementine just isn't my cup of tea I'm afraid. But I'd rather that than a million Sophies or Amelias or Olivia.

Plus it is of the time so it won't seem too 'out there' for her generation.

YeOldeTrout Wed 26-Aug-15 10:12:36

It's very popular on MN.
Used to loathe it but have been battered down I am not a fan. I just can't understand how anybody would like it.

However, I do believe strongly that you should use (almost) whatever name you like and your child will make it their own. Don't ever ask on MN, just go for it.

The things MNers write about my name or DC's names are hilarious, btw, beyond scathing.

woodhill Wed 26-Aug-15 10:15:33

oh my darling, oh my darling

still it's ok

sepa Wed 26-Aug-15 12:00:40

I'm afraid it's not for me but it passed my Dr test (maybe similar to the PM thing)

LastOneDancing Wed 26-Aug-15 12:08:26

Love it.

Porkpienessie Wed 26-Aug-15 12:24:52

It's a lovely name. My friends little girl is know as Clemmie...

Hero1callylost Wed 26-Aug-15 12:34:35

I'd prefer Clemency but it's still lovely, if you love it go for it

noiwontstoptalking Wed 26-Aug-15 12:37:06

I don't like it personally but it passes the PM test.

If you like it go for it give her a middle name too it's no one else's business.

DramaAlpaca Wed 26-Aug-15 13:27:18

Love it.

RainbowFlutterby Wed 26-Aug-15 13:30:47

Oh my darling, oh my darling,
oh my darling Clementiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine...
you are lost and gone forever,
oh my darling Clementiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Nope. Sorry.

woodhill Wed 26-Aug-15 13:43:19

huckleberry Hound Rainbow

herring boxes without topses
sandalls for my Clementine

my dad played it on the piano and I sang along (70s)

GiraffeHouse Wed 26-Aug-15 13:46:07

Lovely. I'd pronounce it ClementYne though. Personal choice I guess!

PestoSwimissimos Wed 26-Aug-15 14:04:41

It just reminds me of satsumas and the like, I'm afraid.

Northumberlandlass Wed 26-Aug-15 14:06:10

Clems are bollocks/balls/testicles
Clementine is ok, but shortened to Clem or Clemmie would be awful.

BoopTheLoop Wed 26-Aug-15 14:07:40

Very very frilly. Not the sort of name I would want as an adult.

Also, horrible nn. Clemmie is really bad.

Ludways Wed 26-Aug-15 14:11:39

I don't like it myself, its a song or an orange, but plenty of people don't like my dc's name but I care not one jot.

I would say Clementyne though.

Lulabellarama Wed 26-Aug-15 14:13:06

Love it.
Considering it's the feminine version of one of our best PMs of all time (Clement Attlee) I'd say it sails through the PM test.

Cookie122 Wed 26-Aug-15 14:26:37

never liked this name but its each to their own.

BlahBlahUsername Wed 26-Aug-15 14:54:53

Clemmy makes me think 'clammy'. But I suppose you can make unfortunate associations with just about any name.

She will be forever correcting the pronunciation you want to give her though. I've never heard it pronounced 'teen'.

MedSchoolRat Wed 26-Aug-15 16:07:20

I think Clammy (hands) too. Or maybe clam chowder (which I dislike).

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