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iwanttobemrsnorthman Wed 12-Aug-15 11:42:26

Trying to finalise a girls name, I thought we were set on Nancy but Dh likes Darcey now as well. Do you like it or know many?

Dollyemi Wed 12-Aug-15 11:43:42

Heard of two Darceys, lovely, feminine name

reuset Wed 12-Aug-15 11:51:54

Yes. It is super popular, especially if you add up all the spelling variations; Darcy, Darcey, Darcie. Popularity isn't why I'm not a fan though.

reuset Wed 12-Aug-15 11:59:00

You see it hyphenated a fair bit too lately. E.g. Darcie-Rae, Darcey-Lee etc

shitebag Wed 12-Aug-15 11:59:17

I know 2 female Darcey's and 1 male Darcy, all under 6.

I like it for a girl but not a boy.

Much nicer than Nancy IMHO.

sweetpeame Wed 12-Aug-15 12:11:26

I know an American Darcey in her 30s. It suits her but I'm not a fan of the name. Or any surname as first name names!

CrystalMcPistol Wed 12-Aug-15 12:31:08

I'd avoid Darcey. It's very 'now' and in twenty years time might have suffered the same fate as Tracey.

Stick with Nancy, a lovely name!

aoife24 Wed 12-Aug-15 12:59:36

I think it's quite dated (excusing the Jane Austen connection), very 90s.

PatriciaHolm Wed 12-Aug-15 13:00:40

I don't know any! Male or female. Whereas I know several Nancys.

scatterthenuns Wed 12-Aug-15 13:01:52

I think its awful, and too popular for my taste.

Rox19 Wed 12-Aug-15 13:02:19

The new Tracey even sounds very similar !

SmugairleRoin Wed 12-Aug-15 13:07:21

I like it!

marinacortina Wed 12-Aug-15 13:12:27

Nancy has way more class and tradition.

rockybalboa Wed 12-Aug-15 13:40:17

I know a couple of little ones but I waaaaaaaaaaaaaay prefer Nancy.

Babylove2015 Wed 12-Aug-15 16:44:24

I think calling a little girl Darcy is about as a feminine, as calling a little girl John. It's nice as a boy's name however.

itsnothingoriginal Thu 13-Aug-15 09:43:54

Much prefer Nancy

I do know several little girls called Darcey. Agree with Babylove it seems better as a boys name 'Darcy' IMHO.

Heels99 Thu 13-Aug-15 09:48:37

Nancy is much better, darcey has become a bit chav, several previous threads on the name probably worth a read. Agree it's the new Tracey. Darcey bussell very classy lady though, but that is despite the name rather than because of it.

StrawberrytallCake Thu 13-Aug-15 09:51:33

Agree with pp opinions, Nancy is a beautiful name though. I've only met one and she's a lovely little girl so could be biased.

ohidoliketobe Thu 13-Aug-15 09:56:03

On the face of it I think it's a lovely name however round my neck of he woods it's a pretty common name for girls aged about 4 and under (along with Amelia, Eva and Ava..) which puts me off slightly.

When it came to naming I found DH wasn't as bothered as I was about it being a popular name at that moment in time. So do what the two of you want!

Nancy is lovely

AnyPostToday Thu 13-Aug-15 10:00:18

Last 3 girls I know born were Darcy, Darcey and Darcie smile

iwanttobemrsnorthman Thu 13-Aug-15 10:06:38

hmm lots to think about then, maybe it will be Nancy after all x

reuset Thu 13-Aug-15 10:27:24

Remember that Darcey is only one of Bussell's middle names (she's Marnie really).

emmalouise90 Thu 13-Aug-15 10:48:01

I love Darcie don't listen to all the negative comments you will get them everywhere! I prefer darcie over Nancy smile

reuset Thu 13-Aug-15 10:58:44

Darcie is a terrible spelling.
Though some bright sparks favour and actually use D'Arcy (I forgot that one), which is probably closest to the source of the surname, but oh so awful as a first name, pretensions of aristocracy or suchlike.

Eminybob Thu 13-Aug-15 11:11:35

I love it. I don't know any babies or children called Darcey so I wouldn't have thought it was as popular as its being made out to be.

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