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Thoughts on girls name...Myla

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fixuplooksharp Tue 11-Aug-15 19:43:07

We love the name Isla, but am worried it's becoming quite popular, haven't ruled it out completely though. Also like Lila, but a new one we like is Myla, and thought I'd put it out there to get a general opinion as it's quite unusual. So what do you think?

BikeRunSki Tue 11-Aug-15 20:35:12

It's a brand of lingerie.

PinPon Tue 11-Aug-15 20:36:57

Sounds like Mylar which is a bulletproof material.

MsRinky Tue 11-Aug-15 20:40:33

I thought Mylar was that shiny stuff they make those blankets that Marathon runners get. So tinfoil knickers was my first thought, sorry. Isla is lovely though.

BoutrosBoutros Tue 11-Aug-15 20:41:08

I've got a lovely Myla peephole bra. Not sure I'd name a child after it.

fixuplooksharp Tue 11-Aug-15 20:45:07

Haha brilliant!!! Peephole bra's and tinfoil knickers! Not ideal!!! Thanks ladies smile

Pantone363 Tue 11-Aug-15 20:47:30

Sounds like its in the middle of two names

fixuplooksharp Tue 11-Aug-15 20:51:17

Yep I take all advice, it's now off the list. Part of me thinks sod it, I have loved the name Isla since I was pregnant with my son 7 years ago, so even if it is popular, we love it and that's the main thing.

Ankleswingers Tue 11-Aug-15 20:51:42

A fellow mum in the next bed to me when I had DC1 named her little girl Myla.
Had never heard of it before and never heard of it again since, until this thread.

Tbh, I see it as a bit of a made up name and find it a bit odd.

PinPon Tue 11-Aug-15 20:52:26

Ah MsRinky , you're probably right on Mylar being the shiny stuff rather than bulletproof stuff!

VixxFace Tue 11-Aug-15 20:52:28

What about Mila?

BikeRunSki Tue 11-Aug-15 21:04:50

To be honest, I think Isla has peaked and waned. DD is nearly 4 and we don't know any.

SaulGood Tue 11-Aug-15 21:07:57

I don't think it has peaked. The last statistics released (2013) had it as top 5 and I know quite a few toddler Islas. Suspect it's still top 5 tbh.

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Tue 11-Aug-15 21:09:12

sounds like a sex toy

fixuplooksharp Tue 11-Aug-15 21:09:27

True, I think it might have done aswell. I don't know any, I just of one at my little boys school, but hardly an issue for my baby due in 3 weeks. I think it's very popular in some areas, but mine doesn't seem to be too bad. And it's such a pretty name!

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Tue 11-Aug-15 21:09:49

Kevlar is the bullet proof stuff

Jane190 Tue 11-Aug-15 21:11:10

It's a lingerie firm.

sanityforlunch Tue 11-Aug-15 21:13:22

I only know one teenage Isla.

CherryBonBon Tue 11-Aug-15 21:16:12

I think it's a name chosen by people who want to use Isla but worry that it's too popular (which it is).

Peacheykeen Tue 11-Aug-15 21:19:54

I've never met an Isla I think it's a lovely name it makes me think of the gorgeous Isla Fisher. There was a Myla at ds nursery the first and only time I'd heard of it. If you love Isla go for it if I really loved a name popularity wouldn't put me off

lanbro Tue 11-Aug-15 21:22:11

The only Mylar I know is a 60 year old man!

Peacheykeen Tue 11-Aug-15 21:23:15

I didn't think Isla was that popular they are all Evie's , poppy's and Amelia's around here smile

thehomesecretary Tue 11-Aug-15 21:28:13

I know a gorgeous little toddler Myla i think it's pretty and feminine - she suits it very well!

SmugairleRoin Wed 12-Aug-15 11:18:23

Yep, it's nice.

I also like Myra - I realise a lot of people on here associate it with Myra Hindley - but I teach in Ireland and have taught a Myra, it never crossed my mind until someone on here mentioned it.

fixuplooksharp Wed 12-Aug-15 11:22:58

I guess I could spell it Mila? Oh this choosing a name business is hard!!

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