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Boys names: pick your top 3

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Ladypug Mon 10-Aug-15 15:16:54

Hi all,

This is our current short list (or long list) please could you let me know thoughts but be nice! Lol


We are really struggling as we like them all but also worried about them for different reasons. Would love to know top 3 please and any suggestions based on what we like so far?

CherryBonBon Mon 10-Aug-15 15:17:26


Joel is nice.

Ladypug Mon 10-Aug-15 15:18:41

Oh :-( thank you

SonceyD0g Mon 10-Aug-15 15:20:06


CherryBonBon Mon 10-Aug-15 15:20:43

Sorry OP.

Albert and Blake are fine too, just not to my taste.

The rest sound very American and a bit naff to me.

Cockbollocks Mon 10-Aug-15 15:21:54

I like Avery & Joel.

Lollyheart Mon 10-Aug-15 15:22:50

Love chase smile

Ladypug Mon 10-Aug-15 15:24:16

That's ok, I have agonised about putting my list out there for ages but I thought best to get shot down here than in the real world whilst I can still change things. I really like Avery, I don't think it's American but it probably has become so now, it's an old male name from 1700 originating from Alfred and was a character in a book I loved as a child. Blake is my least favourite but made our list just as DH quite likes it

NanoNinja Mon 10-Aug-15 15:24:27

Joel. Followed by Blake and Albert.

Ladypug Mon 10-Aug-15 15:24:47

Wow thanks for fast replies everyone

NanoNinja Mon 10-Aug-15 15:25:27

Oh, and on thinking about it, Fearon is quite nice. Never heard it before.

Nannyplum2029 Mon 10-Aug-15 15:26:09

Joel and Albert. I don't like the others - sorry!

Ladypug Mon 10-Aug-15 15:26:43

Love Fearon but it's a bit of a weird one as it's the name of my doctor! That's where I stole it from (but also a bit worried it shortens to Fear!)

Ladypug Mon 10-Aug-15 15:27:14

Thanks nanny, that's ok, thank you for your honesty!

MarianneBrandon Mon 10-Aug-15 15:27:51


I also like Chase.

JRShotMe Mon 10-Aug-15 15:44:01

Joel is quite a nice name.

Ace and Fearon sound like the respective good guy and bad guy in a Marvel film. No offence to anyone, just personal taste, but it's beyond me why anyone would call a child something like 'Ace' unless you think they're going to grow up to be an Avenger or something confused

I think with any name, can you imagine calling him/her that in 20, 30 years time? Does it still suit a grown adult?

Ladypug Mon 10-Aug-15 15:58:41

Thanks JR, I know what you mean and we have tried not to like it (mainly because it sounds so American) but it's hard! I desperately want to be the woman who likes Steven, Edward, Thomas, Archie, Harry, Henry, William and co but I just don't :-(

Ladypug Mon 10-Aug-15 15:59:33

I would love new suggestions if anyone has any?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 10-Aug-15 16:03:19

i love Joel, we considered it but thought it was too short for our short surname,

maybebabybee Mon 10-Aug-15 16:05:19

Joel/Colby - I like them both equally. I'm really sorry but I don't like any of the others.

maybebabybee Mon 10-Aug-15 16:05:42

But seriously, call your child what you want....he's your child.

MiniLop Mon 10-Aug-15 16:08:10

Albert is my favourite (I love Albie for short) followed by Joel then Blake.
Made my choices before reading the PPs, seems these are the 3 most popular!

Ladypug Mon 10-Aug-15 16:08:33

Thanks maybe, I know, it's so tough as I don't want to name it something everyone balks at! This is really useful though, glad I braved feedback :-)

Ladypug Mon 10-Aug-15 16:09:58

Thanks mini, yes I'm keeping a tally (sad I know!) 10 votes for Joel so far, 5 for Albert, 4 for Blake

WitchofScots Mon 10-Aug-15 16:11:01


Def. not avery as that's the printer labels/weighing scales people!

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