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Baby boy name to go with faith...?

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Natashajade2727 Thu 06-Aug-15 00:52:51

I have one 2 year old girl called faith leanna, I need a boys name that works with the surname ward. Soo hard to find a baby boy name! Please help smile x

CheerfulYank Thu 06-Aug-15 01:07:21

Benjamin? For some reason that struck me with your surname. I think most things go with Faith unless you wanted a noun/virtue in which case...Victor?

PomPomPingPong Sun 09-Aug-15 09:54:17


Irishkez Sun 09-Aug-15 14:09:23

Faith and Toby
Faith and Finn
Faith and Jack
Faith and Owen
Faith and Elliott
Faith and Leo
Faith and Zach
Faith and Liam
Faith and Adam
Faith and Matthew
Faith and Oliver
Faith and Oscar
Faith and Charlie
Faith and Jamie

LovelyBranches Mon 10-Aug-15 19:37:12

Are you looking for a value based name?

Earnest nn Ernie

NeuroticFox1 Mon 10-Aug-15 23:18:20

Sebastian/ Seb came to my mind too

LondonRocks Mon 10-Aug-15 23:19:44


RedToothBrush Tue 11-Aug-15 09:01:06

Love Victor and Ernest.

I also love love love Endeavour but that ones definitely a bit out there and marmite.

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