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What do you think when you hear these names?

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lillipad21 Wed 05-Aug-15 17:05:04

Hi all smile

Im 27 weeks with dc2. Dont know what we are having and would like some opinions on our shortlist. dc1 is called Louisa so would obviously want something that goes with that!

For Girls:

For Boys:

Are very very open to suggestions... Especially when it comes to boys names!

Millymollymama Wed 05-Aug-15 17:32:27

A bit over-used in respect of Amelia, Charlotte and Alice. There will be lots of others with the same name. Stewart is not used so much these days, but there are still plenty of Matthews and Ewans about. I think if you are a "safe" parent regarding names, any of these are fine, but I like something a bit more unusual to define my child as different, but others will disagree!

Fugghetaboutit Wed 05-Aug-15 17:45:11


FundamentalistQuaker Wed 05-Aug-15 17:51:59

Rosalie is very nice, as is Matthew.

Allalonenow Wed 05-Aug-15 17:59:42

They are all lovely names, the only one I'm not too keen on is Ewan, also I think Charlotte might have a boost in popularity at present due to the Royals.

Antaresisastar Wed 05-Aug-15 18:06:42

Love the name Louisa, I would call her sister Helena or Anna and a brother Wiiliam, Owen, Jonathan (Jonny) or Patrick.

Antaresisastar Wed 05-Aug-15 18:16:32

Love the name Louisa, I would call her sister Helena or Anna and a brother Wiiliam, Owen, Jonathan (Jonny) or Patrick.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Wed 05-Aug-15 18:16:33

Louisa and Alice is the best combination. PleAse not another Amelia. Surely it's had its day now.
It's almost as bad as Lily Mae

lillipad21 Wed 05-Aug-15 18:32:33

Hmmm maybe Amelia is a bit over done... Sophia was one of my top choices but i took that off because its just so popular! You know i hadnt even thought of the Royal connotations of Charlotte, ive always loved it because of Sex and the City smile ive also had a look through other threads and saw Iris which ive since fallen in love with! Still so stuck on boys names, just so difficult!

Diamondsmiles Wed 05-Aug-15 18:36:02

Rosalie: Gypsy Rosalie
Amelia: Nice, quite popular
Charlotte: Already 3 in my daughter's year class
Alice: Nice, quite popular

Stewart: Bit old fashioned, not old fashioned enough to be trendy again
Matthew: Quite plain
Ewan: Same as Stewart

But lots of other people might be more positive. Just my initial thoughts.

Pedestriana Wed 05-Aug-15 18:42:25

Wasn't it Gypsy Rose Lee, Diamonds? Apologies, I'm a massive pedant!

lillipad - all nice names with scope to abbreviate/create nn if that is what you/your child wants later in life.

didwedotherightthing Wed 05-Aug-15 18:44:31

Instead of Rosalie, what about Rosa?

Charlotte is classic and can be shortened to Charlie or Lottie.

I like Alice too, and also Alicia.

What about Zoe or Matilda?

I don't like Stewart (would be shortened to Stew without a doubt which just looks odd and just makes me think of casseroles).

Not fussed on Ewan either. What about Ioan? (Yo-ann) Is Welsh for John.

Matthew is a bit boring but quite classic I guess?

I like Louisa a lot by the way.

marinacortina Wed 05-Aug-15 18:47:09

There will probably be more people who avoid Charlotte because of the Royal connection, than people who choose the name because of it.

I like Stewart best of your boys' names. But I prefer the spelling Stuart.
Matthew I like, but it's been much more well used.
I don't like Ewan.

Sophronia Wed 05-Aug-15 18:53:12

I like Stewart and Matthew best from the boys names, the girls names are all a bit popular, how about Susanna?

Nottalotta Wed 05-Aug-15 18:55:08

I like Alice best for a girl. Matthew for a boy. What about Thomas or Patrick?

YeOldeTrout Wed 05-Aug-15 19:11:22

Louisa is so pretty. I'd go for Charlotte to go with that. Others are okay but not my cuppa.

SoftBlocks Wed 05-Aug-15 19:12:53

Rosalie's pretty. So is Amelia but very popular. How about Amalie / Amelie? Or Sophie? A lot of it depends on the surname and how they sound together. Of the boys' names I'd say Matthew.

Diamondsmiles Wed 05-Aug-15 19:20:03

Pedestriana yes I'm sure it's spelt differently but it sounds too similar.

lillipad21 Wed 05-Aug-15 20:25:25

Hmmm Stewart is my dads name and hes an amazing man, maybe that's why im biased about the name! His has never been shortened at all! Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions, given DH and myself plenty to consider! And if anyone has any other ideas please help!
And thanks for all the love for Louisa, we are still in love with the name, it just suits her so much smile

HelenaJohannsen Wed 05-Aug-15 21:53:51

Rosalie is lovely. Alice Rosalie also has a nice ring to it and looks very pretty written too.

Amelia is a pretty name, but has been over used over the years and being one of many isn't nice. Even so, Amelie is a beautiful name, sounds very similar but has a distinct girly edge to it.

Amelie Charlotte would be lovely. I hope this has helped!

elephantmarch Wed 05-Aug-15 23:23:45

Not stuart or they will be Stu and Lou..which sounds like the bad end to a Sunday lunch

I like your girls names with a slight preference for Alice and Matthew for a boy.

elephantmarch Wed 05-Aug-15 23:25:11

Second vote for Alice Rosalie

lillipad21 Wed 05-Aug-15 23:37:08

Alice Rosalie is beautiful but they are both vampires from Twilight...

HelenaJohannsen Wed 05-Aug-15 23:45:37

Don't allow a film to interfere with a lovely name smile

pingoose Wed 05-Aug-15 23:53:32

Strangely enough, your list contains my name, my mum's, brothers, 2 cousins and best friends names!
I wouldn't let Twilight ruin a name for you, it's pretty much forgotten about. I'd go Rosalie Alice.

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