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Cake0rdeath Thu 30-Jul-15 13:44:19

Asked DS (5) what he wanted to call his baby sister and he comes up with Adeline (pronounced A-duh-line). Have NO idea where it's from. Asked him to repeat it in case i'd misheard or he meant to say something else but he just said it again.

I actually really like it but would have gone for something "classic". Would she hate me for it when she's 15??

RiverTam Thu 30-Jul-15 13:45:22

It's the big sister in The Black Dog picture book, that's my guess.

RiverTam Thu 30-Jul-15 13:45:52

I think it's quite cool.

JaWellNoFine Thu 30-Jul-15 13:47:21

I like the name.

Watch Grimm...

ashesandfire Thu 30-Jul-15 13:54:08

I don't really like it, but I LOVE Adelaide and Madeleine.
Wasn't there a film out lately called 'the age of Adeline ' or something? Not that I'm suggesting that's where your DS got it from, but I wonder whether Adeline isn't going to be as unusual as you may think

itfcbabe Thu 30-Jul-15 17:52:30

Love the name Adeline its on my shortlist if i ever have another girl

MrsMarigold Thu 30-Jul-15 18:31:04


UrethraFranklin1 Thu 30-Jul-15 22:29:25

Can't get more traditional than Adeline. Adeline/Adelaide/Adela has been around more than a thousand years, once very popular amongst the royals, from the house of Wessex onwards.

Sophronia Thu 30-Jul-15 23:02:04

Adeline is a lovely name

Spydra Thu 30-Jul-15 23:03:34

love it.

MrsBungle Thu 30-Jul-15 23:04:35

I quite like it and it's a much better suggestion than when I asked dd what I should name the new baby and she said toucan or palm tree

travertine Thu 30-Jul-15 23:04:41

I think it's lovely, never heard it before.

Quasilulu Fri 31-Jul-15 02:15:42


cruikshank Fri 31-Jul-15 02:26:02

Wasn't it the name of a character in 'classic' hmm Carla Lane comedy Bread? I seem to remember lots of 'Our Adeline' </cue canned laughter>

cruikshank Fri 31-Jul-15 02:28:51

Ach, ignore me, that was Aveline. Just googled.

TheDowagerCuntess Fri 31-Jul-15 03:28:04

It's lovely. And sooo much nicer thanks Adelaide. I'm Antipodean, and so to me,the association is entirely 'Australian city', and not 'queen consort'.

sleepywombat Fri 31-Jul-15 04:28:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

puremuscle Sat 01-Aug-15 14:41:51

I think it's beautiful and it is a v traditional name even thought it is not as popular as classics like Elizabeth or Catherine.

scatterthenuns Sat 01-Aug-15 14:42:39

I don't like it. It sounds like a prescription drug.

thanksamillion Sat 01-Aug-15 14:59:51

My DD is Adelina pronounced A-de-leen-a. It does get mis-heard as Angelina quite a bit at school which she finds annoying but otherwise it's had very positive comments.

littlejohnnydory Sat 01-Aug-15 19:28:56

I love it. Also love Adélie (dh hated it unfortunately).

DurhamDurham Sat 01-Aug-15 19:29:33

I think it's a lovely name smile

Hoplikeabunny Sat 01-Aug-15 19:32:14

Love it! Never thought of it before but it's now on my list grin

Enchufla Sat 01-Aug-15 19:35:49

I love it, also love aveline and adelaide

Ally1234 Sat 01-Aug-15 19:40:40

I don't like it. It sounds like a prescription drug.
Totally agree with this sorry.
Madeleine's a bit better but still not a fan x

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