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Girl's names

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peg90 Sat 25-Jul-15 16:47:50

Hi everyone,
My husband and I are expecting a girl in 10 weeks but are still stuck on names. We've got a list so if you could share your favourite from it that would be fab.

Here goes

Our last name is short and rhymes with Jane and we're not too fussed about middle names.

Thanks! smile

Bumpingalong84 Sat 25-Jul-15 17:04:30

Hi, we are expecting a girl in 17weeks and Isla is high up on our list! It's short and pretty. Also love Emma x

Daphnedolittle Sat 25-Jul-15 17:11:31

My favourites are Amber and Emma.
Chloe feels a bit dated now and Isla is very popular. I think Holly would suit a Christmas baby more than a summer/Autumn baby.
Dislike Keeva!

RiverTam Sat 25-Jul-15 17:11:34

Isla or Chloe

Sophronia Sat 25-Jul-15 18:16:56

Emma is my favourite from the list.

DramaAlpaca Sat 25-Jul-15 18:17:46

Emma, then Isla.

reuset Sat 25-Jul-15 18:21:06


NerrSnerr Sat 25-Jul-15 18:21:48

I like Amber or Emma.

Thatsnotmybabyname Sat 25-Jul-15 18:41:40


VixxFace Sat 25-Jul-15 18:44:33


Queenbean Sat 25-Jul-15 18:49:28

How about penny?!

(If I've guessed your last name right....)


itsonlysubterfuge Sat 25-Jul-15 18:53:40


Keeva and Isla are the only ones I don't like. I wouldn't name my DD Island, which is what Isla is in Spanish.

Hexadecimal1 Sat 25-Jul-15 18:55:01

If your last name is one syllable and you're having no middle name, these are all a bit boring and will make her name sound very middle-of-the-road

Aren't you tempted with anything more exciting?

hollieberrie Sat 25-Jul-15 18:56:11

I like Amber and Holly (obvs) wink

Dislike Emma (sorry). Sounds old fashioned to me and there are so many Emmas.

Quite like Keeva too. Cute and a bit different.

BothEndsBurning Sat 25-Jul-15 19:26:10

The only one I like is Chloe.

sweetpeame Sat 25-Jul-15 19:30:24

Isla - it's fine but it's very popular (which may or may not bother you) and I think it will become dated quickly if you're living in England
Chloe - ok, bit dated, 90s-esque
Keeva - to me this looks like an anglicised spelling of Caoimhe. I like Caoimhe pronounced like Keeva or Qweeva (which is the pronunciation that would typically be used where I come from)
Holly - nice
Amber - don't like it
Emma - fine, if a bit boring. Reminds me of the 5 million girls I knew in primary school in the 80s called Emma

Trooperslane Sat 25-Jul-15 19:31:53

Caoimhe. But spell it right! wink

ButterflyOfFreedom Sat 25-Jul-15 19:57:10

Chloe is my favourite.

Also like Isla & Emma.

Least favourite is Keeva.

peg90 Sat 25-Jul-15 20:41:43

Thanks ladies, you've been great help! We're currently changing out minds everyday (the joys of being indesicive) so who knows what she'll end up being called.

Thanks again!

CakeRattleandRoll Sun 26-Jul-15 01:10:01

Like Keeva, but should be spelt Caoimhe. Also like Isla.

manicinsomniac Sun 26-Jul-15 01:16:48

Isla - love it
Chloe - like it
Keeva - really like it spelt Caoimhe. Keeva looks weird.
Holly - quite like it
Amber - love it
Emma - not keen

So, I'd go for Isla or Amber

Onemoontwice Sun 26-Jul-15 09:13:34

I think Amber is lovely and don't think i've ever met one. Can't move for Islas around here so wouldn't choose that personally

Unoriginalusername123 Sun 26-Jul-15 09:46:21

If your surname begins with an L (and rhymes with Jane) then Isla L--- is a mouthful.

Please spell Caiomhe as such - it's a beautiful name. All your name options are nice simple straightforward names though but all are fairly popular - not sure if that bothers you or not.

Some other suggestions:


Good luck!

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 27-Jul-15 23:42:30

All lovely names. But I would go with Chloe. It's quite unheard of now, and very pretty Whereas at one time every other girl was named Chloe.

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