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Eva or Anya

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gluenotsoup Fri 24-Jul-15 19:19:47

Our beautiful daughter is one week old today and is still nameless. We are between Eva Rose, and Anya Rose , already have a Sophie Isabelle and a Lucy Hannah, our surname is the same as a certain golden arches fast food restaurant. ..

Thoughts please , we are totally undecided smile

morechildrenplease Fri 24-Jul-15 19:21:15

Ooh Anya definitely! Love it

QueenOfCats Fri 24-Jul-15 19:22:50

Anya - one of my favourites

Don't like Eva at all, though not sure quite why...

RiverTam Fri 24-Jul-15 19:23:29


not keen on Anya at all.

Neednewflowers Fri 24-Jul-15 19:23:33

I would put Alice with Sophie and Lucy. I find both Anya and Eva quite hard sounding.

Anna is very pretty too.

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