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Getting ahead of myself but here goes!

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Notrobusta Fri 24-Jul-15 18:04:35

Still in the TTC stage but finding myself day dreaming about names. Already have a DS and DD so finding it difficult to come up with names that I love just as much as theirs. If anyone has any comments on my lists I would be very appreciative. I appreciate these may be hypothetical if baby number three never arrives but hey ho !



Thank you for humouring my day dreams. Any names of the same ilk would be great.

SingForBacon Fri 24-Jul-15 18:10:01

I love Edward and Rebecca. Nice timeless names. Wilfred is a very trendy "now" name which is becoming increasingly popular and therefore I think will date - if that doesn't worry you then less of a problem obviously. I know 3 Wilfreds born in the last 8 months!!

Jennifer is also a lovely name and Jenny is cute. I'm not so keen on Alexandra but that is just my personal choice.

I like your lists though, lovely classic names. What about William, George, Michael or Matthew for boys? Or Sarah, Elizabeth, Amy or Eleanor for girls? All names I don't think will date.

Sophronia Fri 24-Jul-15 18:11:57

I like them all, especially Jennifer and Philip as they're less popular / more unusual nowadays.

Notrobusta Fri 24-Jul-15 18:28:20

Thanks for your feedback. Have a William and Michael in the family and DS best friend is Matthew so they are all out I'm afraid. Don't mind George but prefer names that can be shortened.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Fri 24-Jul-15 20:26:27

I'm still arguing he ttc stage, and already thinking about names.
The nicest names you have are

MamaMotherMummy Fri 24-Jul-15 21:44:57

Love Jennifer

CakeRattleandRoll Sat 25-Jul-15 06:40:00

Love Edward and Jennifer.

CruCru Sun 26-Jul-15 10:09:46

All very nice except - you like all the shortening a these names will have? I LOVE Rebecca but hate Becky / Bex.

I don't like Alexander or Alexander. Really like all of the others though.

DramaAlpaca Sun 26-Jul-15 15:34:11

I like all of them except Wilfred.

My favourites are Edward, Philip & Jennifer.

Amy106 Sun 26-Jul-15 17:15:02

I like Edward and Jennifer best from your list. Rebecca is lovely too.

manicinsomniac Sun 26-Jul-15 17:59:18

Edward. - Really like it
Phillip. - not keen. Seems quite dated too
Alexander - love it
Wilfred - really dislike this

Alexandra - love it
Rebecca - love it (though it's my name and I do struggle a lot against Becky, which I often get called)
Jennifer - like it. Bit dated but maybe due a revival

How about:
Thomas, Timothy, Daniel, Stephen, Solomon, Vincent, Arthur

Abigail, Bryony, Charlotte, Florence, Francesca, Georgina, Hannah, Juliet, Miriam, Madeleine, Natasha, Rachel, Samantha, Victoria

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