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Twin girls

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Glittery7 Fri 17-Jul-15 23:42:33

Victoria and Clare?

barbecue Fri 17-Jul-15 23:44:13

Lovely. Both classic names which go really well together.

Tetleys Fri 17-Jul-15 23:46:22

one is such a long name, and the other very short so for that reason they sound mis matched to me.

Sophronia Fri 17-Jul-15 23:47:21

I'd prefer Victoria and Clara.

I like both but agree that they don't sound brilliant together. If I was Claire, I might grow up to think that my sister had got the better deal, although Claire is the better name imho!

Ponyboycurtis Fri 17-Jul-15 23:52:00

Lovely names but as a Victoria myself I must ask, are you happy with all of the NN's that can come with the name? My mum hated vic/vicky/vics, consequently all through school she would correct friends which as a child i hated!!!! However my family have shortened it to 'tor'.

Ponyboycurtis Fri 17-Jul-15 23:54:01

I have twin girls myself so would also like to say 'congratulations', it's brilliant.

ch1134 Sat 18-Jul-15 11:00:56

Nice names, and a refreshing change from the 'Tilly and Milly/ 'Daisy and Maisie' style twin girls names which seem a bit more popular these days.

Cloggal Sat 18-Jul-15 11:07:19

Prefer Claire/Clare/Clara to Victoria but I agree with Remus, she may feel when they're little that she drew the short straw. Lovely names though OP. Congratulations!

DramaAlpaca Sat 18-Jul-15 14:52:57

I like the two names together, and I especially like that spelling of Clare.

eaiand2 Sat 18-Jul-15 14:56:02

Lovely! When I clicked on this thread I was so worried it was going to be really cringey and rhyming ��

CrispyFern Sat 18-Jul-15 15:04:39

I like them both.

One has lots of immediate nickname potential, the other has none. Don't know if that bothers you!

manicinsomniac Sun 19-Jul-15 17:45:51

Really lovely, both of them. (for some reason I prefer Claire to Clare but don't know why)

If you're looking for alternative nns for Victoria I know a Toria. But I wouldn't shorten it personally.

sweetpeame Sun 19-Jul-15 21:20:36

I like both. But then I'm biased as one of them is my name grin

ExitStageLeft Sun 19-Jul-15 21:22:53

I don't like either.

hawkmcqueen Sun 19-Jul-15 22:26:17

I also prefer Victoria nn Tori with Clara

VixxFace Mon 20-Jul-15 10:42:41

Both names are terrible and I say that as having one of the names myself.

bluebelle2662 Mon 20-Jul-15 19:44:00

I prefer Victoria to Clare, but both aren't great. Victoria is a classic but Clare to me just feels 80's and dated.

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