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Henry's popularity

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April1984 Wed 15-Jul-15 05:11:32

Hi how popular is Henry now? I'm due towards the end of this year. I love it. Is it only popular in certain areas? Thanks!

MyPelvicFloorTrainsItself Wed 15-Jul-15 06:02:55

Very but I do like it.

Don't choose it if you want to be the only one in the year group though.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Wed 15-Jul-15 07:20:21

There is not a Henry in ds school.
We know one, but he is about 14 now.

I think there is one at dd nursery.

Stealthpolarbear Wed 15-Jul-15 07:25:53

Quite popular but for a good reason imo

April1984 Wed 15-Jul-15 08:01:45

Thanks I know it has been popular and so hoping it gets less popular!

ShadowFire Wed 15-Jul-15 08:03:54

I only know one small Henry. I think he's about 4 or 5 now.

Sophronia Wed 15-Jul-15 11:59:11

It's currently very popular.

FlyDragonfly1 Wed 15-Jul-15 12:09:31

I only know one small Henry in NE England where I live, he's 2.

Lovely name.

April1984 Wed 15-Jul-15 12:18:04

Thanks I'm currently abroad but will end up in the NE!

BrambleBee Wed 15-Jul-15 13:14:42

There are quite a lot here in the SE. We thought we were being unusual calling our DS Henry 3 years ago but he's always known as Henry <surname> at his nursery because there are so many!

I still love his name though, I'd say go for it and don't worry too much about popularity.

BrambleBee Wed 15-Jul-15 13:17:33

I meant to type Henry + surname!

Teawaster Wed 15-Jul-15 13:18:37

I have a Henry who is 14. I have never met another one of around that age. Lots of Harry's though

Tory79 Wed 15-Jul-15 13:25:29

My Henry is nearly 1. I only know one other child with the same name.

addictedtosugar Wed 15-Jul-15 13:28:04

Loads of Harry's, but only my Henry in his preschool year of 70/80 kids.
I know a 10 yr old, and a 30 yr old Henry.
In the NE.

reuset Wed 15-Jul-15 13:35:13

Very popular, i.e. top 100 popular for ages but only recently I hear more toddlers out and about being called Henry. Great name though, just great.

MamaLazarou Wed 15-Jul-15 18:53:36

There are none in DS's school or the school I work in. I don't know any Henrys.

April1984 Wed 15-Jul-15 19:46:46

Thanks all, it remains my top name and I'm thinking it's not too popular to put me off it x

Unoriginalusername123 Wed 15-Jul-15 19:58:29

I actually don't know any Henrys at all - including adults.

Treesandbees Fri 17-Jul-15 14:08:49

I have a 2 yo Henry. I've never met another one his age and he's the only one in his nursery with the name. The only ones I've met were 7yo ish so must have been popular then. I'm surprised to be honest as there's a real trend for old fashioned names where I am!

missmargot Fri 17-Jul-15 14:22:02

It's one of those names that I see high in the top 100 and assume to be very popular but never actually come across a little boy with the name. It's a fab name though (and the name of one of my dogs but that shouldn't put you off- I used my favourite names on my dogs years before I decided to have children and if I hadn't it would probably be DS's name grin )

April1984 Fri 17-Jul-15 14:27:52

Ha I have a few friends who named their dogs pre children and now wished they'd saved that name for their child!!

BoopTheLoop Sun 19-Jul-15 18:42:23

Very very popular. Where we are it seems like a law was passed all boys must be called Hebry who don't have a sibling already called a Henry.

There are so many other nice names, not already used by half the class IMO.

FunkyPeacock Sun 19-Jul-15 18:47:42

Lovely name

I only know one who is about 2 and is the son of a friend of my DH

I don't think there are any in my DC's primary (W Yorks)

April1984 Sun 19-Jul-15 19:33:23

Thanks, where are you BooptheLoop?

Theresomethingaboutdairy Sun 19-Jul-15 19:40:55

Love the name! It is fairly popular where I am in the se but I actually can't think of a better boys name.

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