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What do you think

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ItsMyFuckingWedding Sun 12-Jul-15 22:42:52

Of the girls name Rosalind?

AliceInHinterland Sun 12-Jul-15 22:52:39


HeiressesGiltnor Sun 12-Jul-15 23:00:38

I like it but prefer Rosemary

ObeseDenise Sun 12-Jul-15 23:01:07

Pretty but I really don't like Ros as a nn.

scatterthenuns Sun 12-Jul-15 23:01:34

Love it.

VixxFace Sun 12-Jul-15 23:12:23

hate it

Sophronia Sun 12-Jul-15 23:47:06

It's nice, but I prefer Rosamund.

MamaLazarou Mon 13-Jul-15 07:28:25

It's a bit dour. Rosalie is nicer.

TheCowThatLaughs Mon 13-Jul-15 07:57:57

I like it a lot

MaudeTheMopLady Mon 13-Jul-15 08:46:02


sweetpeame Mon 13-Jul-15 08:53:19

I like it. Very Shakespearian but not too out there.

SoupDragon Mon 13-Jul-15 09:13:12

I like it.

I prefer it to Rosalie which I think is a bit fluffy and weak.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 13-Jul-15 09:16:11

Not to my taste. I find it harsh. I do however like Rose Rosa and Rosie

harryhausen Mon 13-Jul-15 09:27:12

I like it. It's similar to Rosamund which is my best friends name. She calls herself Roz. It suits her.

BothEndsBurning Mon 13-Jul-15 11:32:06

Beautiful. A Shakespearean classic.
With all the riffs on Rose and Linda, a very versatile name.

RattleAndRoll Mon 13-Jul-15 11:36:33

I prefer Rosalie.

reuset Mon 13-Jul-15 12:00:25

Also prefer Rosamund which has a timeless feel. I think it's the 'lind' part that dates it for me.

ashesandfire Mon 13-Jul-15 16:35:27

I love it! It seems stronger and less frothy than some of the other Rose names, I think.
And Shakespearean too. Plus it has good nickname potential, Rose or Rosie or Lindy - lovely.

CPtart Mon 13-Jul-15 17:00:10

Dislike it. But do like Roseanne!

ButterflyOfFreedom Mon 13-Jul-15 17:08:13

Not keen, seems a little oldie-worldly to me.

I do like Rosa though.

NadiaWadia Mon 13-Jul-15 17:19:42

It's lovely and classic. There was one in Shakespeare etc. I don't see why the 'lind' part makes it dated really, doesn't make sense to me.

Also like Rosamond, Rosemary, Rosanna, Rosalie and just Rosa. Rose itself is quite over used at the moment, though.

villainousbroodmare Mon 13-Jul-15 17:21:36

Love love love, more so than any of the other Ros names. Lots of abbreviations too.

NadiaWadia Mon 13-Jul-15 17:21:49

Also I think the Irish name 'Roisin' is beautiful, and the Anglicized version 'Rosaleen'. But maybe you would need to have Irish connections?

CakeRattleandRoll Tue 14-Jul-15 02:18:50

I like it. Something a bit different from all the names you feel that you hear a hundred times a day.

onthering Tue 14-Jul-15 02:21:07

I like it. You might start a comeback though.

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