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TattieHowkerz Sat 11-Jul-15 20:19:19

I heard this name recently and kind of like it.
What associations does it have for people.
Mallory Towers?!

LittleBearPad Sat 11-Jul-15 20:20:59

Despite reading them many times as a child I didn't make the connection. Guess a different context. I prefer Mallory

TopCivilServant Sat 11-Jul-15 20:21:11

Yes, towers! grin

LaurieFairyCake Sat 11-Jul-15 20:22:57

Yes, only Towers

So Mallory not good

callamia Sat 11-Jul-15 20:28:16

I love it. I also love the books.
I think it's a stylish name.

WholeLottaRosie Sat 11-Jul-15 20:40:05

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Twistedheartache Sat 11-Jul-15 20:42:55

There was a mallory in the babysitters club or a similar type of series. I always liked it but not sure I do now.
Definitely with y not ie though.
Love Marnie which is not massively dissimilar

StayGoldPonyBoy Sat 11-Jul-15 20:43:59

Mallory Knox, a band Dsis likes. And the Spiderwick Chronicles. I wanted to call my daughter Mallory after reading those as a teen!

Lolimax Sat 11-Jul-15 20:45:57

I'm a very sad Enid Blyton fan but I love the name. I prefer Mallory. I think it's strong and classy.

Thatsnotmybabyname Sat 11-Jul-15 20:50:56

The Babysitters Club!

HettyB Sat 11-Jul-15 20:55:39

I think it's a lovely name! Sadly, my DP vetoed it.

bookishandblondish Sat 11-Jul-15 21:05:41

Leo's daughter in west wing is my first thought.

Twine88 Sat 11-Jul-15 21:07:41

I loved Mallory, also know it because of West Wing, but I rejected it because its meaning - cannot remember what it is, but it put me off!

Twine88 Sat 11-Jul-15 21:12:27

Just had to check - The baby books I have listed it as meaning unlucky/unfortunate - not sure how accurate that is, but it put me off, silly really - but, you know pregnant and hormonal! Its lovely.

TattieHowkerz Sat 11-Jul-15 21:25:28

That is a bit off putting. I wonder how all these names with negative e,awnings first come about!

TenPinkFairies Sat 11-Jul-15 21:55:43

character in the West Wing (Leo's daughter)

MamaLazarou Sat 11-Jul-15 22:03:40

Mallory Knox was Juliette Lewis' character in the film Natural Born Killers.

Twine88 Sat 11-Jul-15 22:15:33

I'm not sure where the negative meanings come from, but I did read an article whereby someone was disputing the negativity suggesting it had been misinterpreted...i guess ultimately it depends on how you feel feel about. i doubt many people would necessarily know the meaning. If we were to have anymore children, Mallory would again go on my shortlist.

evilgiraffe Sat 11-Jul-15 22:29:11

It makes me think of Malory Archer from the TV show Archer. It's a brilliant programme, but Malory is a truly awful person. Neglectful, racist, self-centred, alcoholic, and a whole lot more unpleasant characteristics.

Sorry, OP, but that's what associations the name has for me.

PuckyMup Sat 11-Jul-15 22:32:28

Mallory is a strong character in some really good tween vampire books so thumbs up for me

BothEndsBurning Sat 11-Jul-15 22:38:32

George Mallory who died climbing Mt Everest in the 1920s.

And there's an author, Malorie Blackman - never read any of her books though.

The negativity would come from the mal- beginning, because it comes from Latin malus meaning bad. Hence malice, malevolent, malpractice, malware - you'll be able to come up with dozens of mal-words.

MamaLazarou Sat 11-Jul-15 22:46:37

J'ai mal

reuset Sat 11-Jul-15 23:55:38

Malory Towers it aint. It's horrible, a modern transferred use of surname, American name (some lovely modern names popular in the US, this isn't one of them).

MitzyLeFrouf Sun 12-Jul-15 06:02:03

Malory Towers (and the rock pool!) and Family Ties are my main associations.

I like it. Not horrible at all.

Appleblossom82 Sun 12-Jul-15 09:05:50

Mallory in Babysitters Club, Mallory Towers and the climber Mallory.

Not a name id choose, but i dont dislike it and its unusual.

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