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What do you think of Miller?

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LJBB1 Thu 09-Jul-15 19:21:20

Big brother is Tobin.


starsinyourpies Thu 09-Jul-15 19:29:13

As a surname, great. Not so keen as a first name, sorry.

sebsmummy1 Thu 09-Jul-15 19:32:21

Windy Miller is the only thing that comes to mind.

Creatureofthenight Thu 09-Jul-15 19:35:54

Not keen either I'm afraid.

villainousbroodmare Thu 09-Jul-15 19:37:12

I love it. The one I know is a great guy, good looking and a cracking rugby player so I have good associations for it. Incidentally in his case it's a nn for Emile so that could be an option.
I'm Irish and if we describe a person (or horse maybe) as a miller it means they really put their shoulder to the wheel. Honest effort sort of connotation.
I think it also goes well with Tobin.

Esmesgirls Thu 09-Jul-15 19:40:05

It's a job to me, sorry, and not a name for a sweet baby

reuset Thu 09-Jul-15 19:58:31

Ditto, Sebsmum. Windy Miller I thought also!

Miller is an occupation surname, I know some nicely make the transition to first name, but I'm not fond of this one.

TheRealNightsWatch Thu 09-Jul-15 20:01:05

My Ds is Millar. I love it. smile

downgraded Thu 09-Jul-15 20:03:01

Tobin and Miller sounds like a magic/entertainment act, like Penn and Teller.


60sname Thu 09-Jul-15 20:18:56

American, or an English surname

Kundry Thu 09-Jul-15 20:20:20

It's a great surname. What are you going to choose for his first name?

SwedishEdith Thu 09-Jul-15 20:21:14

Windy as well

ManicPixieDream Thu 09-Jul-15 20:22:01

There are a few around here as local football team are called "the Millers".

ButterflyOfFreedom Thu 09-Jul-15 20:25:46

I don't mind some surname-y first names such as Jackson, Wilson, Parker, Carter and Bronson but really don't like Miller, sorry.

TheFutureSupremeRulersMum Thu 09-Jul-15 20:27:38

Personally I'm not keen on surnames as first names.

dobedobedo Thu 09-Jul-15 20:28:12

It's a beer.

MaudeTheMopLady Thu 09-Jul-15 20:32:09

I think it's brilliant. Fab choice.

EugenesAxe Thu 09-Jul-15 20:34:26

I think he's likely to be a badly behaved boy.

KatieScarlettreregged Thu 09-Jul-15 20:36:44

My sons middle name, family surname. Never thought of it as a first name but now I think about it, I like it.

LexieSinclair Thu 09-Jul-15 20:37:00

I really like it.

RedToothBrush Thu 09-Jul-15 20:50:45

I did some family history research for a friend. I was surprised to find a line of father of sons in the early 1800s with the first name Miller. So to me its a first name and not a modern surname name. Its unusual, but its also familiar enough for people to be able to cope with it too. And it does go with Tobin really well.

TheRealNightsWatch Thu 09-Jul-15 22:50:01

I think the thing is, it's horses for courses.

If you like it, go for it. When we chose it, it just fitted and it sounds like a good strong name with his middle and surnames.

I am very proud of my Millar. It's nice to have a name that's a bit different with out being too crazy. I couldn't ever imagine calling a child Thomas or Edward for example as I think the are just utterly bland.

barbecue Thu 09-Jul-15 23:27:16

Of the surnamey names, at least it's a fairly underused one.

noblegiraffe Thu 09-Jul-15 23:32:38

I think if you saw on a register "Miller Smith" you'd think there had been a mistake.

VixxFace Thu 09-Jul-15 23:38:26

I like it.

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