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brokenhearted55a Thu 02-Jul-15 20:28:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iliveinalighthousewith2friendl Thu 02-Jul-15 20:40:03

Don't like it

florascotia Thu 02-Jul-15 21:11:55

William Jefferson Clinton....

EmpressKnowsWhereHerTowelIs Thu 02-Jul-15 21:13:17

Jefferson Davis Hogg?

NomiMalone Thu 02-Jul-15 21:13:39

Middle name Airplane??


barbecue Thu 02-Jul-15 21:15:32

It sounds like a family surname that someone wanted to hand on to the next generation.

Zakken Thu 02-Jul-15 22:05:41

Agree with barbecue, nothing odd about it. I wouldn't give a name like that unless it was a family name.

GinUpGirl Fri 03-Jul-15 21:24:02

I like it. LOVE American president names.

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