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Leaflitter Mon 22-Jun-15 18:17:32

I'm just reading a book with a (female!) character called Valancy.

I think it's lovely, though I've no baby to name, and might not be brave enough.

Think it's pronounced VALancy rather than the like the science word (valency). Perhaps a bit too much like valence?

Anyway, random suggestion for someone...?!

NomiMalone Mon 22-Jun-15 18:18:07

It sounds like part of a fancy curtain.

Leaflitter Mon 22-Jun-15 18:21:41

That's a pelmet.

Pelmette. Now there's an idea grin

Azquilith Mon 22-Jun-15 18:25:45

Thing round the bottom of a bed.

Prefer Pelmette grin

iklboo Mon 22-Jun-15 18:25:59

Sounds like the science of sheets that go round the bottom of your bed.

'Deirdre has a degree in valancy. And a diploma in duvets'.

Thetruthshallmakeyefret Mon 22-Jun-15 18:26:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AuntieStella Mon 22-Jun-15 18:29:00

I'm afraid I'd see the not-spelled-quite-right science term.

Leaflitter Mon 22-Jun-15 18:30:13


I'm having a moment of madness.

It's a v v silly name.

WestEast Mon 22-Jun-15 18:30:19

Sounds like an even fancier type of bed sheet.

Haggisfish Mon 22-Jun-15 18:30:31

Yes-valency is a scientific term relating to arrangement of electrons. I don't like it, sorry.

esiotrot2015 Mon 22-Jun-15 18:32:12


Sorry wink

lucysnowe Mon 22-Jun-15 18:33:29

Is it The Blue Castle? Love that book. Cute name too smile

ancientbuchanan Mon 22-Jun-15 18:34:44

Must be the blue castle!

SoupDragon Mon 22-Jun-15 18:38:44

This is all I have to "say"

BackforGood Mon 22-Jun-15 18:38:45

I have to admit, skimming down the thread titles, I saw "Vacancy" grin

Leaflitter Mon 22-Jun-15 18:43:02

Yes, it's the Blue Castle.

Great book, but, I admit it, silly name. (Love the pic Soup.)

SoupDragon Mon 22-Jun-15 18:43:51

It was the worst example I could find smile

PuppyMonkey Mon 22-Jun-15 18:45:02

It's a no from me.

Sounds very silly.

TheoriginalLEM Mon 22-Jun-15 18:46:38

isit for agirl or a boy? what about valente for a boy?

Im afraid valency transported me right back to organic chem module 1. Not a pleasant journey!

Leaflitter Mon 22-Jun-15 18:48:28

It's not for anyone, unfortunately, but it's a girl's name.

Just a bit of fun.

drudgetrudy Mon 22-Jun-15 21:52:35

Afraid it reminded me of learning the periodic table. I have never heard it as a name.

honeysucklejasmine Mon 22-Jun-15 21:54:35

Yes, makes me think "valency" regarding electrons.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 22-Jun-15 21:58:10

I actually quite like it.

bluewisteria Mon 22-Jun-15 22:01:01

grin My uncle is into Chemistry and suggested this when I was pregnant with DD1. She is not called Valency.

bluewisteria Mon 22-Jun-15 22:01:37

Or even Valancy.

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