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What do you think of these names?

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elianmod Mon 22-Jun-15 06:25:53

For fun, I'm just curious about people's opinions on my kids names (first and middle). They're a little bit different, some more than others. I'm also going to be posting a question about what to name dc#5 (he/she is a bit of an accident blush meant to be done after #4)

So first I had triplet girls, identical. Multiples run "every other" in my family and there have been a few in DH's but still am still a little shocked. Then because DH (and I!) both wanted a boy but had trouble, we ended up with 4 years between the dc's.
Odelia Harriet: both family name from DH's side, his mom is called Harriet while Odelia was a great great grandmother, but I like the name when I saw it.
Coral Samantha: I have to admit I was adamant on calling a dd Coral since age 11. We do mostly call her Cora, but reactions from mine and DH's family were surprisingly well. Other people not so much. We struggled with the name Coralie for a while but eventually decided against it. Samantha is my sister's name.
Zara Stephanie: DH wanted Tara I wanted Zoe, we just combined the names. It's become quite popular recently but still no regrets. Stephanie is my mom's name.
Liam Aaron: Not so sure about what to say, both loved the name Liam and Aaron is the name of a disabled man my family cared for since before I was even born. I'm still not to sure if the name flows, but I like it.

I realise now I've written so much, but I guess once a writer always a writer? Thank you to whoever has read through the whole. grinsmile

AuntieStella Mon 22-Jun-15 06:35:50

Opinions: I don't take to Odelia (looks like you've mucked around with Delia, but it's probably a cognate of Odette/Odile which I do like), Coral not to my taste, but a perfectly good name; Zara and Liam both fine, fairly safe choices.

I'm not going to go into middle names, as they are honouring people, and that's a quality which tends to outweigh all other considerations. Do do you intend to continue to do this, and if so, do you have honourees lined up?

Other names I thought of when reading yours:

- Hilary, Tamsin, Nicola, Fiona, Amanda
- Ryan, Fergus, Timothy, Anton

Sophronia Mon 22-Jun-15 10:46:19

I like Odelia Harriet, Zara Stephanie and Aaron. Not so keen on Coral, Samantha and Liam, but Cora is quite nice.

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