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Opinions on the name Audrey?

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ShimmeringCobalt Sat 20-Jun-15 12:33:16

I like it, I think!

Would love your opinion!

Was thinking Audrey Juliette.

I've no idea if I'm having a boy or girl though!

princessvikki Sat 20-Jun-15 13:03:35

I love it , I wanted Audrey for my dd but th hated it sad

BetterWithCheese Sat 20-Jun-15 13:06:16

I think Audrey Juliette is lovely.

Polarbearcub Sat 20-Jun-15 13:07:26

I like it but suspect it's a bit of a marmite name

Eigg Sat 20-Jun-15 13:09:04

Lovely. I know an extremely cool Audrey.

Possibly not for a boy though...

PenguinsandtheTantrumofDoom Sat 20-Jun-15 13:11:29

Love it.

I somehow find Audrey Juliette hard to say though.

mewkins Sat 20-Jun-15 13:12:37

Love it

cecinestpasunepipe Sat 20-Jun-15 13:13:34

Little Shop of Horrors!

Pagerty Sat 20-Jun-15 13:21:40

I love it but don't think I would ever be brave enough to use it.

Pradaqueen Sat 20-Jun-15 13:50:04

I love it but my six year old niece has two Audrey's in her class of 30. It may be more popular than you think, so you might want to consider that if you are looking for a name that another child is unlikely to be called? A while ago (more than 12 months) someone posted a link to a magical website that you could hover your mouse over and it would tell you how many children were called a particular name in any one year. Perhaps someone else can remember what it was called? A great name though and I would definitely use it!

florascotia Sat 20-Jun-15 14:24:17

Name stats 2013

Go to the girls section, then to table 6. It shows that there were 96 girl babies named Audrey in England and Wales in 2013. Figures for 2014 probably available in August.

MadameJosephine Sat 20-Jun-15 14:27:21

I love it but I love Juliet more.

NashvilleQueen Sat 20-Jun-15 14:29:29

Audrey Tautou is my first thought and she's lovely. I like it.

Leaflitter Sat 20-Jun-15 14:32:28


(I have an Audrey fact. Did you know that "tawdry" comes from St Audrey because there used to be St Audrey's day fairs?!
I'll get my coat.)

LeChien Sat 20-Jun-15 14:33:47

It's nice, but I did think of Audrey 2.

JillBYeats Sat 20-Jun-15 14:33:55

I love it - and I have only ever known beautiful Audrey's!! I think it's a timeless name too: suitable for babies and grannies and everything in between.

JillBYeats Sat 20-Jun-15 14:34:36

What about Aubrey for a boy then?!

HarryLimeFoxtrot Sat 20-Jun-15 14:37:22

I like it - there is a 9 year old Audrey at DD's school.

ppeatfruit Sat 20-Jun-15 14:39:41

I like it for a girl but to call a boy Aubrey is cruel IMO.

lastqueenofscotland Sat 20-Jun-15 14:57:03

I love Audrey!

CruCru Sat 20-Jun-15 15:24:47

I like it. Everyone can pronounce it and spell it and it isn't super popular.

AnythingNotEverything Sat 20-Jun-15 15:28:30

Prada - this is that website. It's amazing. I use it daily.

StrumpersPlunkett Sat 20-Jun-15 15:40:27

I am Aunty to a gorgeous 3 year old Audrey. I thought it was the unusual at first but the class I work in has one and there are 3 others on the school.

CakeRattleandRoll Sat 20-Jun-15 16:28:12


AnguaResurgam Sat 20-Jun-15 16:35:24

Coronation Street. Soap with highest viewing figures.

Current character, been in since 1970s, still well known.

It really won't become 'super popular' as soap names carry so much baggage, often lasting years after the character's screen exit.

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