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Best way of spelling?

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MummyPiggy87 Thu 18-Jun-15 18:05:08

I know my little one will probably have to spell her name out to people in the future, I also do but it doesn't bother me. I just wondered what people's opinions are on the best way of spelling it.


BikeRunSki Thu 18-Jun-15 18:06:30

I thought the usual way of spelling it was Casey. I know two - a boy and a girl - who both spell it this way.

BadgerOfHonour Thu 18-Jun-15 18:07:03

Kasey or Kacey

BadgerOfHonour Thu 18-Jun-15 18:08:01

Yes, it definitely looks more right with a C, but the only one I know spells it Kasey, so that's what automatically popped into my head.

PallasCat Thu 18-Jun-15 18:09:20

Casey is the conventional spelling.

florascotia Thu 18-Jun-15 18:38:11

The name probably comes from a surname, Casey. That possibly comes from a Gaelic word meaning 'ready for war' or 'war-vigilant': Cathasach. There is no 'k' in the Gaelic alphabet, so it's better to spell the name with a C.

The famous Casey Jones spelled it 'Casey' - but his nickname (his real name was John Luther) was taken from Cayce, a town in the USA. You might want to copy that, perhaps???

formidable Thu 18-Jun-15 18:42:15

The only Casey I know is spelled Casey.

DirtyBlonde Thu 18-Jun-15 18:42:41

I think Casey would be the best spelling.

All the others look like feminised spellings, and I don't think your DS would thank you for that.

I think of Casey Jones too - do children still sing the song?

bobajob Thu 18-Jun-15 18:45:59


Cloggal Thu 18-Jun-15 18:45:59


Can I suggest Carey? Always had a wee soft spot for it!

switchitoff Thu 18-Jun-15 18:55:12

I always assumed the name Casey was for a boy, so perhaps a different spelling would be better for a girl? I think I would prefer Kacey out of your suggested spellings. I definitely wouldn't go for Kaci because I'd worry people would pronounce it with a hard "c" i.e. Kack-ee, which is definitely not nice!

An alternative would be to name her Katrina Chloe or something and call her K.C. for short.

Mopmay Thu 18-Jun-15 18:55:47


reuset Thu 18-Jun-15 18:58:17

L u c y

reuset Thu 18-Jun-15 18:58:56

Sorry grin

Casey looks best, for what it's worth.

MummyPiggy87 Thu 18-Jun-15 19:20:53

Thanks, I'm aware of the American spelling Casey but I think it's more for a boy. From what I've read Kacie is a modern English version. I prefer it with K. I originally liked the name from seeing that girl Kacie on the bachelor on TV x

Totality22 Thu 18-Jun-15 19:29:53

Ha ha @ Lucy!

What about KC kidding

Yep agree Casey is the nicer spelling. I am all about convention when it comes to names!!

MummyPiggy87 Thu 18-Jun-15 19:35:08

Casey is not on the list lol

scribblegirl Thu 18-Jun-15 19:36:23

Of your options I would choose Kasey

Cloggal Thu 18-Jun-15 19:38:36

I'd probably pick Kacey out of your list.

MummyPiggy87 Thu 18-Jun-15 19:39:22

Thank you..

Bear in mind this is a girl, spelling it Casey is for a boy, I.e Casey affleck, Ben afflecks brother.

Ponyboycurtis Thu 18-Jun-15 19:39:40

My surname Cloggal

Nospringflower Thu 18-Jun-15 19:42:38

Not really keen on any of your spellings -- all look a bit made up whereas Casey looks like a real name.

LunaMay Thu 18-Jun-15 19:45:27

My cousin spells her name Kacey.

MummyPiggy87 Thu 18-Jun-15 19:48:56

Nospringflower they arnt made up, they are real names. Name as some people spell my name Haley or Hayley.

AntsMarching Thu 18-Jun-15 19:49:18

My cousin is named Kasie

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