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themumfairy Mon 15-Jun-15 16:58:57

i always thought naming my baby was going to be a breeze. Wrong.
which does everyone prefer.

Girls with middle name Louise


Boys with middle name John


and really stuck on anymore boys names. we like modern names but not chavvy shock

all ideas welcome.

MrsLeighHalfpenny Mon 15-Jun-15 17:01:42

Not Parker, Aubree or Maci (are those last two even actual names?)

I really like all the others though.

Sophronia Mon 15-Jun-15 17:03:05

Willow Louise and Roman John

getbusyliving Mon 15-Jun-15 17:05:49

Yes, Aubree and Maci are from teen Mom.

Isla and Reuben are the nicest imo

MrsLeighHalfpenny Mon 15-Jun-15 17:13:50

How do you pronounce Maci? In Welsh it would be Mackie, but I have a horrible feeling OP would say Macey.
What's wrong with Aubrey? Other than that it's a boys' name not a girls' name.

I like Reuben very much. And Eden

ButterflyOfFreedom Mon 15-Jun-15 17:14:45

Isla or Reuben.

Roman & Parker are nice too if a little different in style to Reuben.

Other boys suggestions:

Stinkersmum Mon 15-Jun-15 17:16:05

Don't like any of the boys names. The only girls name I would tolerate is Frankie - as a nn for Francesca.

florascotia Mon 15-Jun-15 17:27:58

Isla, Willow, Eden are all very nice.

Aubrey (a version of Oberon/Auberon) has been a male name for centuries. If people choose to spell it differently and say it's a girl's name, then good luck to them, but there are so many lovely and less problematic female names to choose from.

Macys is the name of a famous USA department store, so naming a baby Maci would be a bit like naming a baby 'Harrods'... And the Maci spelling might lead to pronounciation problems; Maci could be read as 'Makky' or even 'Mac-i' (like the computer).

Frankie is a good short version of Frances or Francesca or Franziska, but would you consider giving your daughter one of those full versions, so that she has more choice as she grows up?

Roman and Ruben are fine, but Parker is a surname and your son might also get teased: 'Nosy Parker'.

PallasCat Mon 15-Jun-15 17:39:10

Frankie I like as a nn, but also in favour of Frances, Francesca on bc.
Agree that Aubrey is a boy's name, but I do personally like transition names where they're fairly uncommon, so go for it, but definitely with -ey spelling.
Just a thought, Aubretia is the name of a flower (a pretty one!), which could be used as full name on bc, then you could spell nn in the way you choose and also avoid taunts for having a boy's name, because she wouldn't!
Boys - Reuben wins hands down.

PallasCat Mon 15-Jun-15 17:40:43

Aubretia pronounced Au - BREE - sha, by the way x

ashesandfire Mon 15-Jun-15 18:02:25

Francesca Louise nn Frankie.
Or Willow Louise
Reuben John

Rhubarbgarden Mon 15-Jun-15 22:29:25

Love the Aubretia suggestion.

My favourites from your list are Willow and Roman.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Tue 16-Jun-15 01:21:40

Eden Louise
Reuben John

florascotia Tue 16-Jun-15 14:53:44

Aubretia is indeed very pretty

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Tue 16-Jun-15 14:57:29

Frankie Louise as a nickname for Francis or Francesca
Willow Louise

Aubree is awful, and Aubrey is a male name.
Maci equally bad.


badg3r Tue 16-Jun-15 15:09:06

Ethan or Spencer for a boy? Autumn for a girl?

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