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Help, she's here and still undecided!

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Tigerlily49 Sun 14-Jun-15 16:06:37

We welcomed DD3 two days ago and were convinced that once we met her it would be obvious which of the names on our shortlist would be the "right" one...but are still undecided and would love your thoughts. DD1 & 2 are Philippa and Beatrice and the shortlist is:

Miranda (nn Miri or Annie)
Nancy (but don't like possible shortening to Nan or Nance possibly by others)
Penelope (nn Penny)
Caroline (nn. Carrie)

Alternative suggestions welcome, thank you!

FriskyMare Sun 14-Jun-15 16:08:58

Philippa, Beatrice and Caroline
Philippa, Beatrice and Marianne

reuset Sun 14-Jun-15 16:10:29

Such nice names. With siblings I would put Marianne I think. Lucinda might work too if you want suggestions.

SaulGood Sun 14-Jun-15 16:10:32

Oh I like Miranda and Nancy (the two I know both use Annie as a nn actually). Both utterly beautiful

Marianne is beautiful too and slightly more unusual round here.

Penelope and Caroline I see as a bit seventies.

What about Josephine? DS would have been Josephine. Goes v well with Philippa and Beatrice and you can use Josie/Sephie/Phin/Jo.

PallasCat Sun 14-Jun-15 16:11:15

Miranda, Marianne or Penelope

TobleroneBoo Sun 14-Jun-15 16:13:06

Nancy nn could be Cece or similar

grabaspoon Sun 14-Jun-15 16:15:59

Caroline or Miranda

although I think Cecily would work well.

Fizzyplonk Sun 14-Jun-15 16:16:45

Marianne or Caroline

averythinline Sun 14-Jun-15 16:18:59

like Marianne the best with the siblings names- but would also like Clementine and Florence...

not so keen on the others

ChocolateBreakfastBalls Sun 14-Jun-15 16:19:34

I think Nancy "flows" best with siblings, but prefer Penelope out of them all.

sidsgranny Sun 14-Jun-15 16:20:11

Nancy is lovely and so is Miranda.

Other suggestion would be Louisa or Clara?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 14-Jun-15 16:25:16

Miranda - nice
Marianne - lovely
Nancy - don't like
Penelope - not my favourite
Caroline - don't like but love Cassie

chickenschicken Sun 14-Jun-15 16:27:39


GlitzAndGigglesx Sun 14-Jun-15 16:29:10


BertrandRussell Sun 14-Jun-15 16:34:38

Caroline is lovely- and really unusual.

BertrandRussell Sun 14-Jun-15 16:37:00

Only 54 Carolines born last year!

foxmitten Sun 14-Jun-15 16:38:45


diavlo Sun 14-Jun-15 16:40:53

Miranda or Penelope. I don't think Marianne goes at all with your other names.

CakeRattleandRoll Sun 14-Jun-15 16:44:57

I really like all of them, so I see why you're finding it hard to choose! My favourite is Miranda. Also think PP suggestion of Josephine fits beautifully.

HootOnTheBeach Sun 14-Jun-15 17:03:37


Cloggal Sun 14-Jun-15 17:13:00

Caroline, Josephine or:


I like Nancy but I think these go better with your dd1 and dd2.

marshmallowpies Sun 14-Jun-15 17:13:12

Love Miranda & Marianne & Nancy (1 of these is my Dd1!)

wigglylines Sun 14-Jun-15 17:20:43

We didn't decide till DD was over 2 weeks old. You don't have to decide instantly, don't ferl pressured into it!

What helped our indecision was trying out names to see what might work.

While ypu are deciding how about you call her Miranda today, Marianne tomorrow, then Caroline etc and see how you feel about actually using the names?

wigglylines Sun 14-Jun-15 17:21:28

*ferl = feel!

BikeRunSki Sun 14-Jun-15 17:26:41

Abigail ?

Of your list, Miranda.

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