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Sibling for Ailish

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greenolive Sat 13-Jun-15 15:40:51


Have a daughter Ailish. We are in Scotland with Irish family connections, so would like another Scottish/Irish/Gaelic name for baby number 2.

We quite like Orla or Finlay

Isla is a family name and husband doesn't like Iona

Any more suggestions very welcome. Thanks smile

florascotia Sat 13-Jun-15 17:52:27

A mixture of Scots and Gaelic from Scotland and Ireland, for girls:
Aine, Aisling, Ciara, Catriona, Davina, Eilidh, Eimear, Elspeth, Fenella, Fiona, Floraidh, Gilda, Ishbel, Kirsty, Mairi, Marsaili, Mairead, Mirren, Morven, Morag, Muirne, Sine, Sileas, Orlaith, Rona, Roisin, Selma, Seonaid ...

Sophronia Sat 13-Jun-15 19:07:24

Emer, Kenna, Mirren, Sorcha, Maisie, Niamh, Bronagh, Caitria, Maeve, Oona/Oonagh, Una, Nuala, Roisin, Caoimhe, Keeva, Saoirse, Riona, Cara, Nora, Bree, Bridie, Aoife, Eithne, Saraid, Clodagh

Brodie, Ruaridh, Ruairi, Rory, Cian, Keir, Euan/Ewan, Colm, Finn, Darragh/Dara, Cormac, Fergus, Oran, Evander, Lachlan, Lorcan, Fintan, Hamish, Innes, Logan, Niven, Struan, Tavish

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