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Thoughts on my shortlist please.

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Heavymetalmater Fri 12-Jun-15 16:22:28

Hi. I would love to have some opinions on my shortlists for our third baby. Having trouble settling on a favourite given we have already used our favourite names for DD and DS. Our surname begins with a b and is quite a short name if that helps at all.





Thanks you so much.

MarinaCoyle Fri 12-Jun-15 16:35:05

Love Alfie and Freddie. So cute. Also Niamh (presume the p was a typo?) and Sian for girls.

Heavymetalmater Fri 12-Jun-15 16:37:57

Yes was a typo ! Thanks for feedback.

matchingmoll Fri 12-Jun-15 16:40:24

Think Jennifer is definitely due a comeback. Sian and Cecilia nice too. Love Ephraim, but it's quite a lot to carry off and not much like your other names, which are fine but quite well used.

Wishful80smontage Fri 12-Jun-15 16:42:12

I like Cecilia and Barnaby from your lists. Really dislike Freddie.

Heavymetalmater Fri 12-Jun-15 16:48:25

My DH also likes andrew for a boy. I prefer longer names that can be shortened so if there any suggestions of similar names im all ears.

getbusyliving Fri 12-Jun-15 17:01:02

I'm not keen on Niamh and Sian. Isobel is nice but far too popular.
My picks would be Cecilia or Jennifer.
I like the freshness of Jennifer, and Cecilia is a beautiful name

Freddie and Alfie are too of the moment for me.
Ben is a bit dull, Barnaby is ok but would it fit with other dcs names?
Ephraim not keen either.
Michael is lovely and quite underused, my clear favourite.

Obviously all your names are perfectly fine, this is just one person's opinion smile

Heavymetalmater Fri 12-Jun-15 17:04:01

My daughters name is a traditional name along the lines of jennifer so they would work well. Boys is harder as my sons name is Oliver which is very popular so was wanting something less popular.

getbusyliving Fri 12-Jun-15 17:15:45

Do you like Peter? It's a classic name but underused.

Or Charles?

Smugnogplease Fri 12-Jun-15 17:34:31

Barnaby is fab

mysteryfairy Fri 12-Jun-15 17:40:54

Ben and Barnaby are both nice but might be a bit much with a short surname beginning with B...
Barnaby Booth
Ben Ball

Sounds a tiny bit comic?!

Spydra Fri 12-Jun-15 17:59:55

Michael is perfect - familiar but underused, classic with nice nicknames too.

reuset Fri 12-Jun-15 19:05:46

I like Cecilia and Michael. Ephraim too, but how are you pronouncing it?


Niamh - like a lot
Sian - not for me
Jennifer - nice
Cecilia - no but like Cecily
Isobel - lovely


Freddie - no but like Frederick and Fred
Alfie - hate
Ephraim - no
Michael - like a lot
Ben - nice but don't like alliterative names
Barnaby - love but ditto

WaferInMyCoffee Fri 12-Jun-15 19:33:02

Out of ŷr list I love cecelia and barnaby smile

ashesandfire Fri 12-Jun-15 22:33:17

Isobel or Cecilia (though prefer Celia or Cecily)
Ben or Michael

Sophronia Fri 12-Jun-15 23:13:57

I like Jennifer, Cecilia and Michael.

purdiepie Fri 12-Jun-15 23:16:03

Ephraim and Cecilia.

CakeRattleandRoll Sat 13-Jun-15 03:17:16

Prefer a longer first name with a 1 syllable surname, so would choose Jennifer or Cecilia for a girl. (Isobel and variants are too popular for me.)

Like Ephraim or Michael for a boy. Love Andrew. Other suggestions:

swimmerforlife Sat 13-Jun-15 04:56:02

My favourite is Sian, stunning name. Was on my shortlist when I was pregnant. Niamh is lovely too.

Not overly keen on your boys names but Alfie is nice.

fionadal Sat 13-Jun-15 19:49:24

Love Michael (altho can never separate it from the boy in the Judy Blume book Forever!)

Like Fred/Freddie

Jennifer is my favourite of your girls' names - gorgeous name. You could also go for Jenna, which is also lovely.

purdiepie Sat 13-Jun-15 23:17:48

Michael is my husband's name and all his life he has been called Mick or Mike by ignorant tossers who ignore his request to be called Michael.

Jennifer is quite possibly the most uninspired name in the world. Apart from Anne.

Bodicea Sun 14-Jun-15 10:11:51

Not a fan of Niamh, Isobel is a bit common these days, cecilia is a bit of a mouthful for me and seems old fashioned. The other two ok but not in love with them. Jennifer is my fave.

Love your boys list, three of which are on mine. Frederick is our boys name ( would get Freddie). Also love Ben and Barnaby.

Heavymetalmater Mon 06-Jul-15 13:59:55

Thank you everyone for your thoughts.who would have thought naming a third baby was so hard. We have lots of me in the family so all the classics like Christopher, David, James, Edward ,Paul are already taken. I still like Michael but wonder if it is a but dull. Would love to go with Ephraim but think it may be a bit out there.

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