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Archie and Alice

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JenOL85 Sun 31-May-15 14:14:11

Hello, my husband and I maybe agreed on two names last night which is unheard of. I am due a baby...actually I'm due two!at the beginning of September.
I don't know their sexes.
In the event of a boy and a girl, what do you think of Archie and Alice?
We really weren't going for the matching initials thing but these are the two names we like.
Opinions welcome...even if they're negative because maybe that'll show me whether I love these names.
Thanks a million,
Jen x

Reekypear Sun 31-May-15 14:22:38

Alice..yes. Archie.....oh my goodness they are everywhere.

I kid you not I was in a small park anf there where 4.

reuset Sun 31-May-15 14:52:11

They're both fine (though Archibald for Archie?), both very popular, Alice more classic. Nothing negative. Though why do I think together there's something slightly twee about both names for siblings, especially twin siblings... Not sure. Sorry if that's not helpful

DampAndRotten Sun 31-May-15 14:55:04

Alice is beautiful.

Archie isn't awful but it's a bit "meh" imo.


lastqueenofscotland Sun 31-May-15 14:55:53

I love them both.

Steph1502 Sun 31-May-15 15:05:11

I love Archie. Alice is lovely too but always think it's nice to have sibsets (twins or otherwise) with different initials. Not sure why just my opinion. They are both great names though x

MamaLazarou Sun 31-May-15 15:10:25

I'm Archie the inventor, I know how things are done.

I can do absolutely anything; inventing things is fun.

Steph1502 Sun 31-May-15 15:20:33

Lol. What's the story? I don't think it's too associated with balamory though. It's not as popular a programme as it used to be years ago. xx

exercisenovice Sun 31-May-15 15:22:08

Love them both.

akorda Tue 02-Jun-15 19:37:40

I love Alice, but there are loads of Archies-as someone said. Also, I agree that twins' names starting with the same initials sounds a little bit naff? (Tho' I know quite a few!)

Alice and Percy?
Alice and Tom?
Alice and Jim?
Alice and David?
Alice and Robin?

CrystalMcPistol Wed 03-Jun-15 00:35:43

Archies really are everywhere! And the problem is that Archie sounds babyish on anyone over 10 years of age but the full version, Archibald (ugh), sounds ridiculous on everyone, man or child!

Alice is fine though.

Benchmark Wed 03-Jun-15 19:55:45

Love Archie! Any other name I would say you should use the full name for the birth certificate, but not Archie, it's perfect as it is. I don't think it sounds at all babyish for an adult either.
I'm not so keen on Alice personally but I think they sound fine together.

Billynoname Wed 03-Jun-15 22:10:25

Alice definitely. Archie, not so much, sorry.

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