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stillnotjustamummy Fri 22-May-15 16:04:43

I love it, but would like to use a longer name on the birth certificate in case she decides in later life that she wants to use something with more gravitas. What could it be derived from?

OldFarticus Fri 22-May-15 16:11:12

I think its a nickname - not derived from anywhere. (I think Coco Chanel's real name was Gabrielle). You could call her anything beginning with C and just use it as a nickname.

I do know one couple who have used it for their little girl, but it makes me wince because it was a comedy nickname for a guy at school with a clown-y face iykwim.

BreeVDKamp Fri 22-May-15 16:14:14

Looooove Coco. Gabrielle was on our shortlist and I wanted Coco as a nn, DH is a bit more 'boring' though and wasn't into it.

Also like Kristen, which I could crowbar into Coco ;)

Chloe? Corinne? Courtney? Coco Arquette is named after her mother (COurtney COx)

stillnotjustamummy Fri 22-May-15 16:28:34

Exactly, it's a nickname. I think if I can find a name containing 'coco' within it, I could make it happen!

AliaMairns Fri 22-May-15 16:32:02

I know this may massively put you off, but the Kardashians call Khloe, Koko.

strawberry01 Fri 22-May-15 16:38:12

Nicole ?

Strokethefurrywall Fri 22-May-15 16:47:37

I know a Coco Rose. And a friend of mine has a 3 year old Chloe whos nickname is Coco.

Stinkersmum Fri 22-May-15 16:48:49

Coralie? I love the name Coco. DH isn't having any of it though....

BreeVDKamp Fri 22-May-15 16:48:56

I suggested some names!! Nicole is a nice suggestion too smile

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Fri 22-May-15 16:51:45

Gorgeous sweet and elegant yet still very underused.
Wish we could use it but it wouldn't go with my last name. As it begins with O and Coco o....,.... Doesn't exactly roll of the tongue

LeoandBoosmum Fri 22-May-15 17:10:51

I can't help... It makes me think of clowns and pampered chihuahuas, more than the classy designer. Sorry.

hobNong Fri 22-May-15 17:14:26

I'd rather have a bowl of coco pops

stillnotjustamummy Fri 22-May-15 18:32:00

Sorry Bree, you did - I didn't read carefully enough on my phone- thank you! I didn't know about the Kardashian link either- it probably pushes it off the table. Back to the drawing board!

villainousbroodmare Fri 22-May-15 18:38:09

For me, not even for a kitten! Maybe for a hamster. Cute nickname though. But surely nicknames present themselves, rather than being a starting point...?

RickOShay Fri 22-May-15 23:34:18

I LOVE Coco, desperately wanted it for dd, but sadly vetoed, would have put Constance on the birth certificate, as I like it and I also like Connie. Win win.

DarkHeart Sat 23-May-15 00:00:24

Courtney, Chloe, Coralie, Constance?

sleepywombat Sat 23-May-15 06:45:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GlitzAndGigglesx Sat 23-May-15 06:52:04

I like it and would use it as a nn for Chloe or Nicole

DimpleHands Sat 23-May-15 21:30:16

Charlotte? But I gotta tell you, I think Coco sounds like a stripper's name - sorry!

I just don't think you could have that name and have a serious job when you're older. I mean, can you imagine a solicitor or barrister called Coco?

Marisola Sat 23-May-15 22:22:02


umiaisha Sun 24-May-15 22:00:42

We have a 9 year old Coco. Still love it!

We have heard all the clown, monkey and coco-pops jokes a million times over. On the upside she rarely has to use her surname and everyone remebers her!

LimeFizz Sun 24-May-15 22:02:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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