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Need help with girls names :-)

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LouisaB1990 Sun 17-May-15 13:55:26

Got some major stick last time I posted names lol so peyton is gone.
Our middle name is Joy as its my first.
So here are names I like please feel free to suggest too
Aaliyah (Aliyah)
Opinions are much appreciated I don't want a daft name ;-)

Allthatnonsense Sun 17-May-15 13:57:28

Alicia by far

Sophronia Sun 17-May-15 15:51:47


FatWalda Sun 17-May-15 16:03:09

Alicia, but Alice or Alys is much nicer. Less frilly.

Penguinotterfoxbadger Sun 17-May-15 16:46:28

Keira makes me think of Keira Knightly who I find v v annoying, also it's a bit dated and wet sounding (imo).

I like all the others though.

Ilovenannyplum Sun 17-May-15 16:48:45

I think Keira is v pretty

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Sun 17-May-15 16:49:40

Ariana or Alicia.

Definitely not Aaliyah.

Ilovenannyplum Sun 17-May-15 16:50:07

(Also for what it's worth, I like Peyton, if you like a name, it doesn't matter what an Internet forum full of strangers think!)

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