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Girl name needed!

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alyxlndn Sun 17-May-15 08:04:38

My husband and I are expecting a girl in July smile We already have two young sons, Ezra and Sasha. We are open to all suggestions. I like more gender neutral names like Darcy and Spencer, but also Pippa, while he is loves a wide range including names like Alice and Clementine. I also would in some way like pick a name with a tie to Italy, like Aurelia, my great grandmother's name, but it's not necessary. And I need to please my very American father.
All suggestions will help!

ThinkIveBeenHacked Sun 17-May-15 08:13:02

Oh I love Pippa

Names I think go with Ezra and Sascha:-


diddl Sun 17-May-15 09:15:02

Aurelia is beautiful-why look any further?

DampAndRotten Sun 17-May-15 12:49:53

(maybe with Alice as the full name on BC)

Ward3 Sun 17-May-15 18:21:27

I love Clementine and Spencer for a girl, but I think that Clementine fits better with Ezra and Sasha! And I think the name Amelie would fit with your and your husband's suggestions. I would use Pippa as a nn for Philippa, I think it will age better as an adult.

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