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First names to go with middle name Pearl?

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YogaMum82 Fri 08-May-15 13:55:32

Hi everyone,

I could do with some inspiration! I'd like to use Pearl as a middle name for my baby girl. Partly because she's due in June (birth stone) and partly in memory of my Grandma who died recently. She was called Marjory which I'm not too keen on but the meaning of Marjory is Pearl. I like the fact it's quite a subtle reference and a way of me remembering her without upsetting other relatives whose names we don't use (read angry MIL!)

Anyways, our favourite name for a girl had been Penelope but I'm not sure it works with Pearl? And PP aren't great initials to start a name with maybe? I'd really appreciate any ideas for first names to go with Pearl. The other kinds of names we like are Catherine, Violette, Constance, Josephine etc. Nothing too faddy or popular and something that could be abbreviated.

Thank you so much for any ideas- my mind is blank and I seem to be going around in circles!

timelyreminder Fri 08-May-15 14:46:24

Constance Pearl or Josephine Pearl would be lovely.

Beatrice Pearl
Annabel Pearl (Annie)
Elizabeth Pearl
Sarah Pearl
Harriet Pearl
Kathleen Pearl
Victoria Pearl
Olivia Pearl
Edith Pearl
Lucy Pearl
Isobel Pearl
Felicity Pearl
Hermione Pearl
Georgina Pearl
Louisa Pearl
Vanessa Pearl
Delilah Pearl
Emily Pearl
Emmeline Pearl

bouncingbelle Fri 08-May-15 14:58:12

Claudia Pearl
Violet Peart
Verity Pearl
Rebecca Pearl
Georgia Pearl

I keep thinking Helena Pearl but then...hell in a pearl???!

RickOShay Fri 08-May-15 16:47:07

Caroline Pearl

Marguerite Pearl, another from of Margaret, but I think sounds lovely

Felicity Pearl

Cecilia Pearl

Marianne Pearl

Rosalind Pearl

Juliet Pearl

Love the name Pearl, have you thought about using it as a first name?

Sophronia Fri 08-May-15 16:57:14

Vivienne Pearl
Susannah Pearl
Alexandra Pearl
Cordelia Pearl
Tabitha Pearl
Clementine Pearl
Esther Pearl
Ramona Pearl
Evangeline Pearl
Jemima Pearl
Francesca Pearl
Genevieve Pearl
Isadora Pearl
Adeline Pearl
Jennifer Pearl
Theodora Pearl
Julia Pearl
Adelaide Pearl
Louisa Pearl
Rosamund Pearl
Joanna Pearl
Wilhelmina Pearl
Rowena Pearl
Matilda Pearl
Eleanor Pearl
Rosanna Pearl
Gwendolen Pearl

YogaMum82 Fri 08-May-15 18:54:50

Ooh, these are definitely the inspiration I needed. I love Felicity and Vivienne. I'd never thought of Isadora or Theodora and I love both of those- I guess she could be Dora for short? Adeline is gorgeous too. Time to try and convince my husband, Hahahah. He's so much fussier about girls names than boys. Who knows why?!!! Thank you so much!

Penguinotterfoxbadger Fri 08-May-15 19:00:01

Isadora is great and could be Izy or Dora.

I also really like


3luckystars Fri 08-May-15 19:41:00

Monica ?

CatsAreLikeChocolates Fri 08-May-15 20:10:34


Something with 3 or more syllables I think would be nice.

Penguinotterfoxbadger Fri 08-May-15 23:16:59


Elizabeth / Eliza

Quasilulu Sat 09-May-15 00:55:19

The name that immediately sprang to my mind was Sylvia.

bridgetsmummy Sat 09-May-15 01:00:09

Lydia Pearl is nice smile

FatSwan Sat 09-May-15 02:01:42

OMG I was coming on here to say Lydia and there it is^^spooky.

Adeline is pretty too.

justjodie92 Sat 09-May-15 02:37:56

Iris Pearl

Kaekae Sun 10-May-15 11:28:37

I love the name Pearl, I'd have two middle names Pearl being the third name so it won't sound such a mouthful with Penelope.

wattlegirl Mon 11-May-15 03:05:19

I think Jasmine Pearl sound nice.

Allthatnonsense Mon 11-May-15 09:28:31

Lucie Pearl

Danafisher83 Wed 01-Nov-17 15:46:53

I named my daughter Delilah Pearl and I think it’s beautiful

PandorasXbox Wed 01-Nov-17 16:24:58

I love Pearl.


Lunathemoon Wed 01-Nov-17 16:26:09

I actually like the alliteration of Penelope Pearl! Sounds like a news reader smile then you could call her Nell too (a favourite of mine😂 )

AnyaMoondial Wed 01-Nov-17 17:55:39

I'm with Luna on this, Penelope pearl sounds fab!

Shouldileavethedogs Wed 01-Nov-17 17:57:33

Precious Pearl

midsomermurderess Wed 01-Nov-17 21:12:27


Smoliver Wed 01-Nov-17 22:39:05

I like Catherine, Violette and Josephine. I think these names would work well with the middle name Pearl.

How about...
Francesca Pearl
Clarissa Pearl
Caroline Pearl
Bethany Pearl
Alexandra Pearl
Abigail Pearl
Anastasia Pearl
Louisa Pearl
Jennifer Pearl

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