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Beth or Kate?

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BicycleMadeForTwo Sun 29-Mar-15 20:10:26

DH and I can't agree on which name to go for. Options are:

Beth Sofia
Kate Elizabeth

Which do you prefer?

ButterflyOfFreedom Sun 29-Mar-15 20:11:43

Aw congratulations! Both names are lovely!

I think Kate just pips Beth but you can't go wrong with either.


ChantenayCarrot1 Sun 29-Mar-15 20:13:00

Bethany Sofia

I dont like Kate Elizabeth - it's pretty but for some reason I imagine that the 2 names are commonly used together, dunno why as have no evidence of that being the case.

Kraggle Sun 29-Mar-15 20:15:01

Kate Elizabeth is too Royal Family for me.

I love the name Beth or variants (Bethany, Bethan etc) but not keen on Sofia tbh.

CPtart Sun 29-Mar-15 20:18:09

Kate Elizabeth or Elizabeth Kate.
Beth sounds a bit wet, and far far too many Sofia's/Sophia's.

BicycleMadeForTwo Sun 29-Mar-15 20:19:54

Thanks for the replies.

I was worried Kate Elizabeth was a little too Royal family smile

turdfairynomore Sun 29-Mar-15 20:23:30

Kate Elizabeth. I have an irrational dislike of the name Beth. No reason for it. I just find it a bit weak?

Sophronia Sun 29-Mar-15 20:26:06

I would like Elizabeth Kate or Elizabeth Sofia, with Beth as a nickname.

leccybill Sun 29-Mar-15 20:26:44

I have a Beth. Another name we considered was Faith.
I like one syllable names. No mucking about.

mewkins Sun 29-Mar-15 20:26:52

Could you use Elizabeth and shorten to Beth? (I like to have options !)
Our dd is an Elizabeth and was going to be a Beth but she was far too crazy for such a sensible name so is very much a Lizzie.

shakemysilliesout Sun 29-Mar-15 20:27:09

Both nice but both a bit nn for me. All very royal if you're a Sofia the first fan. I vote Beth though.

BicycleMadeForTwo Sun 29-Mar-15 20:27:38

Funny, I thought Beth seemed like quite a solid name. It's always interesting to see other peoples opinions.

BicycleMadeForTwo Sun 29-Mar-15 20:31:47

Don't like Elizabeth enough for a first name and kind of like names that don't lend themselves to nicknames.

We aren't set on Sofia but both just liked the sound of it.

I would love the name Bella but after bloody Twilight it has been ruined for me!!

honeybeeplusone Sun 29-Mar-15 20:41:38

I love Kate Elisabeth but Beth Sofia is nice as well. Has your baby been born yet? It might help if she is here to see if she looks more like a Kate or a Beth :-)

BigfootFilesHisToesInYourTea Sun 29-Mar-15 20:42:17

Kate Middleton is Kate Elizabeth. Technically Catherine Elizabeth. So yes, I would deem it quite Royal Family, given she's likely to be around concurrently with your DD.

What about Elspeth? Or Ella, if you like Bella but not the Twilight association?

ThroughThickandThin Sun 29-Mar-15 20:44:25

Like them both.

Kate slightly ahead.

Grannycrabapple Sun 29-Mar-15 21:12:29

Agree Kate slightly ahead but I do love Elizabeth Kate aka Betsy smile

duftlys Sun 29-Mar-15 21:15:20


ashesandfire Sun 29-Mar-15 21:51:15

Love Beth but I am biased as I have Bethany nn Beth
not so keen on Sofia and prefer Sophia spelling
Bethany Kate?
Kate Elisabeth is sweet too, she might get Katie which may be worth considering?

OutragedFromLeeds Sun 29-Mar-15 22:16:05

They're both really nice, but I'd go for a longer name for both of them. I have a name that can't be shortened and I've always wanted a nickname! It's nice to have one name for friends and one for official purposes.

Elizabeth Sofia would be my choice. If you don't like Elizabeth you could have Bethany, Bethan or maybe Elspeth.

Kate could be Katherine or Caitlin. Caitlin Elizabeth is lovely.

calzone Sun 29-Mar-15 22:23:03

Eliza Kate?

I love Eliza.

But Beth is pretty.

Penguinotterfoxbadger Sun 29-Mar-15 23:53:49

Beth Sophia (or I would personally go for Beth Sophie). As others have said, Kate Elizabeth is all a bit royal.

Bethany Kate or Beth Katie would also be nice

JC74 Mon 30-Mar-15 00:20:08

I love both names as I have a Beth (full name Elizabeth Amelia) and a Katie Charlotte.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 30-Mar-15 00:32:33

Beth Sofia, but I think Sofia Beth flows better, as does Elizabeth Kate as apose to Kate Elizabeth

mathanxiety Mon 30-Mar-15 03:08:18

Katherine Sophie
Eliza Katherine

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