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Another middle name for Ada Joy? perhaps a Maori one?

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johendy Fri 27-Mar-15 21:58:11

I think we might be decided on Ada Joy for this bump, if it's a girl. With Joy being my mother's name.

But I just can't get past her having 2 really short names, so I'm wondering about adding another middle name, but can't decide what. I'm from New Zealand, so I wondered about a Maori name, perhaps Aroha (meaning love). So Ada Aroha Joy..

What do you think? What other suggestions can you make?

PannaDoll Fri 27-Mar-15 22:00:08

I'd go with Aroha Joy and ditch Ada. I think it's lovely.

Gemerama Sat 28-Mar-15 06:19:16

Agree with Panna. I'm not keen on Ada, but Aroha Joy is nice.

makeminea6x Sat 28-Mar-15 06:22:00

I like Ada, I'd stick with your plan (Ada Ahora Joy).

MissWimpyDimple Sat 28-Mar-15 06:54:37

I had a friend called Ngaire, which was "Nye-ree" which was lovely. That was from NZ

Sophronia Sat 28-Mar-15 10:09:25

Ada Aroha Joy is nice.

Other suggestions...

Ada Anahera Joy (angel)
Ada Airini Joy (peace)
Ada Atarangi Joy (morning sky)
Ada Marama Joy (moon)
Ada Ngaire Joy (silver fern)
Ada Areta Joy (noble)

Maya15 Sat 28-Mar-15 19:05:28

Really like Ada Aroha Joy. Very pretty.

We are also thinking of naming the baby Ada if it is a girl.

PrimroseEverdeen Sat 28-Mar-15 19:06:16

Love it!

ChristmasEveSteve Sat 28-Mar-15 21:55:48

Love it too! Perfect!

melonribena Sun 29-Mar-15 09:18:22

Lovely names.
How about Ada Joy Aroha?
You lose the double a sound

thegreylady Sun 29-Mar-15 10:33:16

To me Ada is one of the less attractive 'granny names' I know someone who called her baby Ada Muriel though, the baby is beautiful.
I love your two other names.

temperamentalamongcorvids Sun 29-Mar-15 10:36:21

Ada Ngaio Joy

bealos Tue 14-Jul-15 11:39:24

@johendy what did you decide?

My daughter is Ada Ngaio (her Dad is a Kiwi). Never thought I would come across another one!!

StevieJo Tue 14-Jul-15 12:06:02

My mothers name is Ngaire....Ada Ngaire Joy?

johendy Tue 14-Jul-15 14:16:53

We didn't go with Ada, but did go with 2 middle names, including a Maori one - Aroha Joy

chaya5738 Wed 15-Jul-15 20:43:48


I also love Marama (meaning moon)

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