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Mamie for a girl?

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Castlelough Mon 23-Feb-15 16:33:12

What do people think of Mamie for a girl? Is it too old fashioned?

My aunt was a Mary , but called Mamie by her grandchildren. It sort of grew on me.

I'm not pregnant (have just had a Lily smile) but have too much time on my hands and just thinking of names that might go with Lily in the future!

GotToBeInItToWinIt Mon 23-Feb-15 16:43:29

I've never heard it. I don't like it, sorry. It just sounds like a cutesy nickname to me.

fizzycolagurlie Mon 23-Feb-15 16:44:42

Isn't it the name of a housemaid in Gone With The Wind, or similar?

HollyBen Mon 23-Feb-15 17:02:03

I knew Marnie when I was at uni. I think it is alovely name. It is the title of a Hitchcock film which i believe is quite disturbing though i haveb't seen it myself

Lunastarfish Mon 23-Feb-15 17:18:01


goldvelvet Mon 23-Feb-15 17:20:58

I read it as mam-mee as in In irish for mummy. I loved Marnie but couldn't use it myself as it was too close to another of my other childs names.

Is it actually pronounced May mee?

fairyelephantswellies Mon 23-Feb-15 17:23:09

It's lovely, but it's French for 'granny'

Castlelough Mon 23-Feb-15 17:23:29

I think the American president Eisenhower's wife was Mamie, but I have a feeling she was also a Mary by birth.

LittleBairn Mon 23-Feb-15 17:24:30

I reálly don't like it if its Mamie on the birth certificate instead of Mary, fine for a nickname.

YNK Mon 23-Feb-15 17:26:57

I love Mamie, and Sissy too!
My dad's old aunts names.

Hakluyt Mon 23-Feb-15 17:29:25

It's a nickname for Mary, which is a lovely underused name.

AntsMarching Mon 23-Feb-15 17:43:35

My aunt and my grandmother were both called Mamie. They are dead now (would have been 81 and 87 this year), so to me it's an old lady name, but apparently that's very on trend! It's not an old lady name that I fid pleasant to hear or say.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Mon 23-Feb-15 18:28:47

My dd calls me Mamie. I love it. Don't like it as an actual name though.

caughtinthemoment Mon 23-Feb-15 18:32:36

I thought it was a typo and you meant Marnie. Don't like it much at all sorry. Ok as a nickname for Mary I suppose but I wouldn't use it on the birth certificate. It doesn't seem like a proper name to me.

Branleuse Mon 23-Feb-15 18:34:38

its french for grandma, so it would be a bit weird if you went on holiday in france.

Much prefer Marnie. Thats actually pretty cool

countessmarkyabitch Mon 23-Feb-15 18:35:35

Mamie is lovely for your granny. Awful for a small girl.

itsnothingoriginal Mon 23-Feb-15 18:36:04

I had an Aunty Mamie too! Haven't heard it for years but is a lovely name smile

VainVulva Mon 23-Feb-15 19:09:56

Love it, Meryl Streeps daughters name!

fizzycolagurlie Mon 23-Feb-15 21:42:00

Meryl Streep's daughter is MAME not MAMIE

Floggingmolly Mon 23-Feb-15 21:44:21

How do you pronounce Mame? confused

wannabestressfree Mon 23-Feb-15 21:45:40

Oh meryl.....hmm

fizzycolagurlie Mon 23-Feb-15 21:46:07

No idea....

Nightstar Mon 23-Feb-15 21:52:30

This would certainly raise my eyebrows and not in a good way if I met a child with this name.. Sorry

MirandaGoshawk Mon 23-Feb-15 21:54:56

Isn't the actress who plays Milady in the Musketeers called Mamie McCoy? I like it.

TourGuideBarbie Mon 23-Feb-15 21:58:16

Mamie is the name of Meryl Streeps daughter...

I think it's okay, but a bit nothing.

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