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Is it too much . . .

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itssangriaoclock Mon 16-Feb-15 09:25:26

Is it too much to have two cd with the same initial if different sex?

Have a 21 month darling son whose name begins with T.

I like Tamsin for a girl, would this be too much too similar, too matchy?

Joyfulldeathsquad Mon 16-Feb-15 09:29:54

No. But it Gould get confusing letter in with bills, tax ect...

Bowlersarm Mon 16-Feb-15 09:32:29

It's fine. I would chose the name I prefer over the possibility of inconvenience over mail mix ups.

Sausages123 Mon 16-Feb-15 09:34:57

My Husband and First Son both have same initial when choosing second Sons name I had a dozy midwife tell me he would feel neglected if I didn't give him the same initial as well!

MadameJosephine Mon 16-Feb-15 09:40:02

My mum, dad, brother and I all have the same initial and so do my DD and DS. It's honestly never been an issue

itssangriaoclock Mon 16-Feb-15 10:23:40

Post shouldn't be an issue as it would surly say miss, master/mr?

Thank you for your opinions, next hurdle does dh like itconfused and is this baby a girl lol

matchingmoll Mon 16-Feb-15 17:29:42

As long as her brother isn't Thomas, can't see a problem.

BugBugBug Mon 16-Feb-15 17:47:11

My brother, dad and I have the same initials. It was coincidence more than intention.

We did get letters addressed to 'B BugBug' (ie without the miss/mr) but it wasn't really an issue. You can often tell what the letter would be before opening it. Bills to dad, cards near a birthday go to the birthday person...

grocklebox Mon 16-Feb-15 17:49:40

I don't think children really get bills, or tax demands, (or indeed letters of any kind anymore) and I'm never quite sure why this is brought up as an issue.

ressyHedMair Mon 16-Feb-15 17:51:40

It's ok, because one would be master and the other miss.

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