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What could Effie be short for?

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birchwoods Wed 04-Feb-15 12:52:51

I'm only 13+4 and we aren't going to find out what we're having, but for a girl, I love the name Effie. I prefer names that can be shortened and think Effie is more of a nn than a full name. The trouble is, all the names I have found that could be shortened to Effie are vile!

Any suggestions?!

Other girls' names I like are Penelope (shortened to Penny or Polly) and Camilla (Millie).

Zsazsabinks Wed 04-Feb-15 12:53:53


FrChewieLouie Wed 04-Feb-15 12:54:32


MrsRayOfSunshine Wed 04-Feb-15 12:54:41

I though Effie was short for Elizabeth? I don't think that's vile, very pretty and traditional

bakingtins Wed 04-Feb-15 12:54:56


ScrambledSmegs Wed 04-Feb-15 12:58:20

Iphegenia. Means 'born to strength'.

The myth isn't my favourite though!

ScrambledSmegs Wed 04-Feb-15 12:59:01

But more traditionally, Elizabeth. Lovely.

birchwoods Wed 04-Feb-15 12:59:16

Should also add that my name is Elizabeth so it can't be that.

nottheOP Wed 04-Feb-15 13:00:10


birchwoods Wed 04-Feb-15 13:00:17

I like Josephine but already taken by a friend.

Sophronia Wed 04-Feb-15 13:46:02

Genovefa / Genoveffa
Nefeli / Nephele

MrsTawdry Wed 04-Feb-15 13:49:48

Call her Elfie or Elphie.

Sophronia Wed 04-Feb-15 13:53:44

Might be more of a stretch but also maybe Esther, or Serafina / Seraphina / Seraphine? Or it could be a nickname for any name beginning with F, or for first name - middle name initials E.F. or F.E.

HubertCumberdale Wed 04-Feb-15 14:00:35

You could give her an 'F' 'E' name like Francis- Emily, then shorten it to her initials but spell it Effie.


afterthree Wed 04-Feb-15 14:02:16


birchwoods Wed 04-Feb-15 14:35:38

Ooh, great idea doing it via initials...perhaps Felicity Elizabeth, Effie for short!

I like Persephone too!

Thanks everyone!

birchwoods Wed 04-Feb-15 14:40:13

MrsTawdry, I LOVE Elfie, I saw it in Tatler ages ago and added it to my list. DH likes it too but my family are a bit 'mainsteam' shall we say...and Elfie would certainly be met with sneers. I think it's beautiful and feminine though and I've never met an Elfie.

Sophronia and Hubert you are geniuses!

Thanks all!

Kittymum03 Wed 04-Feb-15 14:44:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PestoSnowissimos Wed 04-Feb-15 14:45:56


birchwoods Wed 04-Feb-15 14:49:00

Pesto, I've just realised that that's exactly what my parents would call her, haha!!

PestoSnowissimos Wed 04-Feb-15 18:19:44


dragdownthemoon Wed 04-Feb-15 18:49:43

What about Delphine? I love this name. Elphie or Effie for short.

peanutcookie Wed 04-Feb-15 18:57:44

Effie is cute but just reminds me of the hunger games. Sorry

Woozlebear Wed 04-Feb-15 19:02:30

The only Effies I have known have been Greek, or part Greek. I think it's a full name there.

birchwoods Thu 05-Feb-15 13:15:49

Peanut is there an Effie in the Hunger Games? I've seen them all but haven't made the connection. Wouldn't bother me anyway.

Delphine is pretty! Thanks for the suggestions.

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